Elves are senior arias. V 17.

Elves are senior arias. V 17.

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Call for Alvam The origin of the word alv. Philological traces of ALVS, including toponyms and names The origin of the word Aria from Alva Certificates about Alvach Alva and Tolkien. Sources of Tolkien. Chronology and Geography in Tolkien Material traces of Alvian culture Lutin genes. Phenotype and alvov genotype. Sign of Alva 1 ability to magic 2 plasma. Alvov's care. Past and currently Plasmism. Tesla, Circus, etc. Tesla - Alvov genes through Numenor Morgoth as the ultimate egregor Midgard Liquidation of Inform Guy and Baba, Midgard Science Simplification of thinking and symbols of Tolkien. Varism and its distortion. Sanskrit in Tolkina Trees Valinor - America or Greenland Tanikvetyl Annex 1 Interpretation of Tolkien characters Appendix 2 Plasma = Magic Call for Alvam Why are the current Alvam, that is, the Arias in which the blood of the Senior Alvov flows, then stay in Midgard? Alva left her mark about 15,000 - 10,000 years, but now we ourselves Alva. Due to the simplicity of consciousness and ugliness of people? Thousands of years of miserable existence, and at the end, these cruise managers managed to fade a whole planet, causing a series of disastrous consequences. For what to show cowardice and remain in the old state of consciousness, what is Midgard?! For the sake of aging and life of 70 years?! For the impossibility of using dark lover - the self-acting essence of consciousness?! Using genetic potential, Vedic knowledge go through the conversion of consciousness forward - in Alvhaim, where the eternal light shines! Let the miserable continue to keep their short existence - after all, the shift of the axis of the planet in Midgard is already not far away. \\ Tempecova - Plasma All about alvov swing Mitably collect And single alviana will tie For a passage to Alfhaim, Where shines light stars The origin of the word alv. Elves or Alva are known in many European sources. The most important are Scandinavian, Slavic and Celtic. These sources describe different stories, however, and the general features of the ALVOV are given. In many Aryan languages, the words all and white are going to Alvam. In Germanic languages There is a group of similar "ELF" words. The Danish name "ELV", Anglo-Saxon "Aelf", the Swedish "Alv", the Norwegian "ALV" and the Icelandic "Alf-UR" speak of a single root, and therefore, about the unity of ideas about elves among the ancestors of all modern German peoples. Some researchers associate this word with the Roman root of Alb - "White". It is also an opinion that it happened from Welsh or Irish "Ellyl" / "Aillil" - "shining". One of the theories expressed in the 19th century, it says that elves are dominated (plasma), which has 4 state of matter and at the same time consciousness. Light and darkness as information are inseparable and are one phenomenon. There is no absolute light as absolute darkness. EM-field, which is the light is inseparable from plasma. The Greek letter Alpha has the same origin. Philological traces of ALVS, including toponyms and names In the Slavic languages ​​from the Alvov, the words are all, a tree, white, pigeon, swan. In the framework of the Gothic theory of the origin of Slavic languages, everything was originally Alves. If there is left in Western German languages ​​from him, then in in Slavic languages, or as more correctly, they are essentially called Eastern German languages, the second half of this word remained. The Russian swan and the pigeon also go to Alvam. In Russian, a form - spruce approved. Philologists suggest that the word Christmas tree occurs from - fir, since the tree does not slug in the winter. Most of the settlements with toponyms of the type - spruce in Russia were considered sacred. In Russian, there is another form - al, for example, Alabino. In Europe, including in Russia, the number of toponyms dedicated to the Alvam is estimated in several thousand, which is more than the number of toponyms dedicated to any gods, even such as Zeus or One (Velez). This speaks about the more important role of the Alvov in the everyday life of Aria in the past. According to Innokentia Boldakova, the philologist of the 19th century, in the territory of Central Russia there is about one and a half thousand places associated with Alvami. Other toponyms have roots - light, - color, etc. And they speak following the example of English toponyms about the radiance (plasma) of the Alvov. According to another Russian philologist, 18th century Andrei Glagolev, a significant part of the written sources of Russian culture, which covered the issues of Elfism in Russia, was destroyed in 15-16 centuries. As in Scandinavia, Fucks in Russia were called Prapredkov, who had magical abilities. In a number of Novgorod talles, it is emphasized that heme could be, if we study the device of the world, and ate was once like people. In the Rostov region, local legends have been preserved that part of the inhabitants of one of the villages read some book and left to live in the hills. They periodically appeared among the people and at the same time glowed. They were called firs and miracles. Difference from Celtic myths here in conversion to Alves from Ariyev. Lake Corrosero in the Arkhangelsk Region, Overlook and Dedovichi in the Pskov Region, the forest near the village of Rezany in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, and a lot of other places near the village of Rezain in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. For example, Corrosero on the 18th century records was previously called Yeletsky. Next to the village of Dedovichi in the 19th century, the diplomas addressed to Alvam were found, with a request to help in solving family problems. Diplons were dated 14-16 centuries. The people who lived near the Black Sea 2000 years ago called himself sides - the language of Sindarin. Samulation of the Greeks - Ellina, and Greece - Ellade. England is often referred to as Albion. The geographical names of the Alps and Elba come from the word ALV. According to Gigigin, the Trojan War in modern Greece was conducted due to the fact that several births in Sparta were the heirs of the legendary founder of Greece Ellin, in which the blood of the gods flowed. Several images of Hellen are depicting it sitting in the lotus position, and so perform gestures that are identical to Indian wisers. Ellin on legends took place from the gods who lived in hyperborelore (in Tolkin in Valinor). Several representatives of these births were abducted by the Fessenians to pour the blood of the gods into their ruling dynasties. Under the gods it is necessary to understand the senior arions - Alvov. This abduction entered mythology as Elena's abduction is beautiful. The name Elena is explicitly referred to Alvam. In addition, Hygin mentions that Ellin and his sons built the temple of Apollo in Delphi. It is clear that the delphs relate to the elves of attached - according to the diodorus Sicilian, hyperborei in the hymns are inevitably chased apollo when he is to them every 19 years. And Apollo himself leaves from time to time to the country of hyperboreev (approx. - ALLVOV), on a chariot, harnessed swans, so that in the urban time of the summer heat to return to the delphs. A number of legends are associated with the privacy of the first harvest on the island of Delos to Apollon. With the title of Delica, the story is that with delta. Under Apolonna, you need to understand Alva, who was taught by the Greeks, and the remnants of this teaching are Greek Buddhism. Faust Guete is dedicated to Elena beautiful, whose name speaks by itself about Alvach, and has elves in the plot. About 70% of Aryan names may occur from ALLV. For example, this is Alexander, Alevtina, Alena, etc. At the same time there are a number of changed names and a number of uncovered names. For example, Arina originally sounded like Alina. Arina and Alina is the same name, like Alena. In many European languages, the names are directly talking about the origin from the ALVOV. For example, Alfred - talking on behalf of the Alvov. But the names of the elves themselves, who themselves, are nothing special to occur from the most abstract philosophical concepts. The origin of the word Aria from Alva The self-configuration of Arii, according to philologists, has happened from the ALVOV by shifting - l. Similar example is the word knight, which in some European languages ​​and their dialects is pronounced like a Lyzar. Interchange rate - P and L is often beaten by Tolkin, and may be the key to understanding many motives of his creativity. For example, Tolkina, Arven, that is, Alaven, poured the blood of the senior arions - Alvov in the blood of younger Ariyev. Most of the people of medieval Europe showed the Owl origin from the Alons. So the census spent in Holland in the second half of the 19th century showed that about 84% of the population among their ancestors of the Alvov. Certificates about Alvach At the beginning of the 20th century, the view was established in the United States that about objective history farther than 300 years ago, because of numerous inevitable information distortions, it is not necessary to speak, therefore, everything set out here may have only probabilistic nature. For example, such a hike as a new chronology methodologically convincingly shows it. Another thing is that the conclusions from it can be very different. In Iceland and Scandinavia there are hundreds of mention of meetings with Alvami. OIs could occur 1 due to the contact of Midgard and Alvheim as the variants of the multi-dealers' complexity of consciousness 2 as a thrust of the Consciousness of Aria to their self-compliance to become an alv. In schools, people are what is laid in them by their cultural medium. For example, in Sweden, one or Frey will appear in Sweden, and in India Indra or Cali. The essence in those abstract characteristics that are behind the witnessed characters. Large work on the collection of such stories was held by Ashliman (Ashliman, DL Fairy Lore: A Handbook (London: Greenwood Press 2006). We present some examples of old and new evidence (all of them are easily on the Internet): Research by Dr. Hartland 1775 in Sweden, Mountain Lake Elves / Djupatjorn / Certificate recorded Joune Tristarson from Educure, case with a woman with Braida Ford / Konan A Breidha-Vadhi / Certificate Sented by Saibirst, Paul & Hamish Miller The Sun And The British Landscape, Its Mythology, Ancient Sites and Mysteries (PESDRAGON Press 1989), Brown, Theo Devon Ghosts (Norwich: Jarrold Publishing 1982), 128-133 for a short but very valuable chapter on pixies. Alva and Tolkien. Sources of Tolkien. Chronology and Geography in Tolkien In the 20th century, the elves became known thanks to John Tolkin. Tolkien was veiled and relied on different sources. Tolkien wrote that the Alva "exist independently of our fairy tales about them." It should be remembered here that in England the inscription on the fence with the content of the fact that the fence often does not match or did not coincide, given the overall degradation. For this, England intuitively does not like simplified consciousness. Form and content here are different things. Among open sources, Tolkien can be called Indian philosophy, the secret doctrine Blavatskaya, the myths of the Celts, Slavs and Scandinavians, etc. Today, according to experts, only about 20% of the mythology of Celts is known to the general public. With regard to Scandinavian mythology, this figure is higher - about 70%. From Blavatskaya, Tolkien is taken by a general model: Planetary perfumes - Valars (they do not specialize in social phenomena, such as the Greek god of war Ares), the epochs associated with the floodings of a significant part of the sushi, the change of races, the assistance of the outgoing race again coming and related to People were considered only 3 noble tribes in Tolkien), and not what fell :), the possibility of their crossing, etc. Tolkien and club with the speaker name ingling have access to a number of closed archives of the 19th century. His dick K. Lewis hinted at it. One of the most important people surrounded by Tolkien was Owen Barfield, the theosof, Arizo and Anthroposof, who introduced Tolkina with the work of Blavat and Nikolai Roerich. With Roerich Tolkien led a private correspondence. Nikolay and Elena Roerich are in many ways the ideological heir blavat. There are three chronology lines: 1 Official, which speaks about changing the Poles of the Earth about 12,000 years ago and event Sturagga 8000 years ago 2 Blavatskaya, which speaks of the flooding of the last part of Atlantis 9564. BC. and the occurrence of the era of Kali Yugi in 3102 BC 3 Tolkien, which indicates that Sauron fell about 5,000 back, gives duration 2 and 3 epochs. The difference in the theosophy scale between the flooding of Atlantis and the beginning of Kali Yugi 6462. The difference between the flooding of Belerianda and the beginning of the 4th epoch of 6462. In one of the letters, Tolkina says that since the beginning of the fourth era, about 5-6 thousand years have passed (according to our calculations - 5100) that a small scatter when it comes to approximate dating of myths. There was also a thought that each era is shorter than the previous one. According to theosophy, we live in the so-called 4 circle of evolution, and in Tolkin after the events of the Lord of the rings there were 4 eras. Kali South is the time of ignorance, and not the loss of morality. In Ampatia Vedia, its consequence of compassion (true morality) follows from knowledge. Theoden asks Gendalfa will not disappear after the war with Sauron everything is wonderful, that is, magic that is knowledge of the laws of the world, namely that consciousness manages to everyone. That is, Theoden foresides that people consciousness will be easier. Part of the theories believes the change of poles proved 12,000 years ago, and the North Pole moved from Greenland to the current North Pole. Considering the starting point, the flooding of the Belerianada, and equating him to the fall of Atlantis in Blavatskaya, we obtain the dating of the epoch of Tolkien, knowing the duration of the era specified by them: Second era. 9563 BC - Duration of the second era in Tolkin 3441 = up to 6122 BC The second era lasted from 9563 BC. Up to 6122 BC The third era from 6122 BC - the duration of the third epoch in Tolkuin 3021 = up to 3102 BC Third era from 6122 BC to up to 3102 BC Tolkien noted that the last year of the third era can be blurred. Fourth and further era - from 3102 to the present moment On the night from 8 to 9 Narvinin 3019, the third era, when Frodo and Brotherhood left Eregion, was a full moon. Tolkin trembled to the cycles of heavenly shone in his books, and often checked astronomical calculations so as not to be mistaken. This event is doing that it happened exactly 9/10 days after the winter solstice, which in the mediterranean calendar marked the beginning of the year. Since it happened two years before the start of the fourth era, then everything you need to check - the cycle of heavenly shining those years. And this event occurred (in the Gregorian calendar, which is more accurate in questions of the time of the year): On Monday, December 31, 3105 BC, at 23:20 GMT. Considering the coincidence of two events (full moon and solstice), it can be argued that Tolkien was checked with astronomical tables and "customized" his narrative for a specific year. Also, speaking of calendars, the peoples of Tolkien take a theosophical look at the week - with the exception of the elves, they all consider Saturday seven-day cycle first. Theosophists adhered to the same look, and they are the authors of the ancient Sanskrit texts. An error in 3-5 years is considered to be permissible when dating such a long time. Under the Valinor will be understood as a difference from other versions not America, but Greenland, since it is covered with mountains over the entire perimeter without ice. Tol-Eresa is Iceland, whose name is formed by the game -R and - l. There was an ice bridge between Greenland and the British Isles (Heloffs). Iceland, where today, 60% of the population believes that the Alva exist, the nearest land to Greenland. Let us turn to the consistent note of all 3 scales using the corridor of the possibilities of each of the models: 12,000 years ago, a flood of the Atlantis (Azores), Doggerland (Beleranda) occurred. 8000 years ago there was a shift of poles from Greenland to the current state, that is, the seizure of the valinera. The withdrawal should not be confused with the concealment, which exists today in the form of the disappearance of ships in the large abnormal zone of Greenland - Bermuda. As a consequence, the flooding of the last part of Atlantis, which caused Sturagga. Blavatskaya wrote that Atlantis was toned by portions. 5000 years ago there was a transition to simplifying consciousness, as a result of which magic disappeared. The French study showed that the flooding of the really existed Doggerland (Belerianda) could have happened not as a result of Sturagga 8000 years ago, and 12,000 years ago. Canadian scientists suggested that there could be two phased offsets of the North Pole 12 and 8 thousand years. Tolkien noted that its chronology and geography is only an interpretation, and may not be incorrectly displayed in general the right picture (just as the ancient Greek atlases represent the world distorted, but resembling real). "Even this is far incomplete knowledge reached us only through the remnants of the Numenorian tradition, which eluded Eldar, but diluted with anthropocentric stories and legends ...". It is pointless to consider Tolkina's creativity without knowing the concept of informational distortion and information of information in the information channel. By the way, distortion is the main method of the action of Morgot (Mary). Next, we turn to the hyperborer, which in this interpretation is Valinor, and consider examples of real historical distortions in the chain of information transfer. Following the general opinion, Mr. Mercator places a hyperbed in the North Pole, not knowing that as a result of the catastrophe that occurred as 12,000 BC, the angle of inclination of the earth rotation axis and the Northern Geographical Pole were shifted. This catastrophe is transferred to many researchers to a much close period to us - about 5,000 - 7,000 years ago. Let's try to find out where the axis of the earth is rejected and how much. As a result ignorance of the geological history of the Earth, the Mercator depicted twice on his map the same area of ​​the Arctic (dough and post-concrete periods) with a displacement of 15 ° relative to each other. In fairness It is worth saying that this kind of "lining" is found on other ancient maps, for example, on Portulana Piri flights. Now imagine how to the left of Northern Siberia over the North of Europe, and then the south of the British Isles, which then were still part of the mainland, a giant asteroid sweeps in the southwestern direction. Moon passes, the other, and the planet shakes a terrible blow. From this blow, the ancient text says: "... The sky support collapsed, the Earth was shocked before its foundation. The sky began to fall to the north. The sun, the moon and the stars changed the path of their movement. The whole system of the universe came to the mess. The sun turned out to be in the eclipse, and the planets changed their paths ... " In Dagor-Dagorate, Tolkina Sun and the Moon will also disappear. The attack of the asteroid at an angle to the plane of rotation of the Earth led to the fact that the axis of rotation of the planet began to gradually bended, turning out the northern pole to the south. At first, the north pole rejected 20 ° from the initial angle of an axis tilt, which up to the flood was about 9 °. Over time, as a result of the influence of inertia forces, the angle of deviation of the axis of rotation gradually changed. Then the side of the world changed their own. The sun was booster on the Western Horizon, and sat down on the east. Herodotus in his "history" wrote: "At that time, the priests were told, the sun was filmed four times not at their usual place: it was, twice came in where he now comes down, and twice came there where it goes back." In the Chinese treatise "Huainanji" this event and a change in the inclination of the earth's axis is described as follows: "Heavenly arch broke up, the earthly weights broke off. The sky was tamed to the north-west. The sun and the stars moved. The land in the south-east turned out to be incomplete, and therefore water and silt rushed there ... In those distant times, four poles collapsed, nine continents split ... The fire was not dying, the water was not scattered. " From the terrible impact of the asteroid, the speed of rotation of the earth slowed down slightly, which initially caused a colossal tidal wave, flushed everything in its path. Then the axis is then led to the fact that the precession mechanism failed and "... The whole system of the universe came to the mess." The priests who recorded everything that was happening, left records that constellations located along the ecliptic line changed the direction of their precession movement to the opposite. Ancient Egyptian papyrus argued that the seasons changed: "Winter came like a summer, months followed in the reverse order, and the clock was confused." Instead of the usual and natural movement counterclockwise relatively ascending on the Sun horizon, constellations began to roll out due to the horizon clockwise. Roerich argued that in 1923 he was transferred to a certain stone of Chintamani. When in the hand, the stone makes fire. There are three fragments of a certain larger stone. The banner of the world of Roerich symbolizes the three fragments of Chintamani. Tolkien has three Silmarillas, which also publish the heat. In Buddhism, the stone of Chintamani is the stone of Avalokiteshwara - Chamblands heads. Roerich's stone is opaque, but Indian can be transparent. On some dialects of the Vedic Sanskrit Shambala is indicated as Avali, which is close to Alvhaim, Avalon, Aquilon, etc., and the rules of Avalokiteshwara rules. There is such a stone and in the teachings of Dzogchen, as it will be said further on the issue of simplifying consciousness. Shiva or Buddha is drawn sophisticated as Alva. If two blue magicians existed, they laid the Southern Variasis in India and Taoism in China. Blue color is the color of the top chakras. In the Greek Buddhism, Buddha was depicted with sharp ears. Louis Michel de Figaner, Fabr D'Hiva were inspired by the Indian myth about the arrival of Ariyev from the north. The arias were called "Borean Race" and their existence was assumed in the past on the Arctic Polar Neckide, or Arctogue (Greek. "Northern Earth"). Figaner spoke about the fathers of Arius as about Alvach. In his essay "Atlantis and Hyperborea" (1929), he wrote about the origin of mankind from the Holy Island of Tula, located on The North Pole, where the first living creatures lived according to the tradition given by the spiritual father of Wivasvat Manu. Manva's wests are quite consonant with Manve. Former Chilean diplomat Miguel Serrano considered the highest beings of the hyperboreans who had wisdom and power. They entered the war with the mechanical world, the creation of Demiurge (Morgota), as a result of which the second hyperboro originated on the North Pole. There were gods from space led by Wotan (one, Velez. In Tolkien in lost legends it is indicated that the Manva can be identified with one) to bring order on Earth. Forgetting about the purity of blood, some hyperboreans began to mix with the "daughters of human", which led to a catastrophe - an option of the campaign of Feanora and the Curse of Mandos. According to one of the versions of the elves in India, Ribhushan was called. For some version, this word appeared in India only in the 18th century, is a trash with hyperborei, and originally sounded like Khuribshai. In the "speeches of Vafoodnira" the Sun is named Alvrödul - "Wheel of Alvov". It is in mind 1 dark lover (plasma, since the sun star and plasma) 2 Greenland, where there is a polar day. The Edda card after the report in the text of "Gulvi's vision" has an inscription that light Alvs live currently on the third, highest, the sky is Viblan. Vibline Icelanders called neighboring Greenland. From the Viblina Alva, with the help of magic, they fell into the Norwegian town of Hesdalen, which today is known for the appearance of plasmoids. Another source of Creator Tolkien was English Society for Fairy Research (see Fairy Investigation Society, Seeing Fairies: from the Lost Archives of the Fairy Investigation Society, Authentic Reports of Fairies in Modern Times). Tolkien was connected with him through Bernard's sly. Among the founders of society, another Organization Organization of the British Empire (The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire). In the 1920s and 1930s, the society organized meetings, lectures and discussions to collect evidence of the life of Fairi. In the 30s, the Company began to use the Old Christian legend to distract the attention of Alvach (Fairy) as microgumanoids. Since World War II, the company's record is largely lost or destroyed. However, it is known that the society was interested in the conflict of the 13th century between the two Italian parties of the aristocracy. This conflict of Helf is dychallenins about the power of the Emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire and Pope. Members of both childbirth councils considered themselves derived from the hyperboreans. Of particular interest was some manuscripts that were kept in the family of Montefeltro. Their age was estimated at 4,000 years. It is possible that they served as one of the sources for Tolkien's creativity. Guelphs are known as well as Velf. There are older and younger veelphs. According to Georg 5 Hannover division of Guelphs on elder and younger, repeats the division of people on elder and younger, that is, Alvov and Ariev. Velfs derived their origin from Edik, Odacra's father. Edik is considered the king of the German tribe of the skir. Some are considering skiings as ready. Scrisses lived in the territory of central Russia and the Baltic States. This confirms the Gothic theory of the origin of Slavic languages ​​(Slavs are old Germans). Edika killed the formming, whose father was theodorih. These names are similar to the names of Rokhan rulers in Tolkien. Welf Heinrich 2 said that the genus of Velfov distinguishes the ability to cause glowing balls - that is, a plasma. According to Nyunnitz, the appearance of lights in Nuremberg in 1561 by the type of "Washington Carousel", and the picture displayed on us, it was caused by mental exercises according to the method of veelphs. Gardaria is the former name of Russia. Skira is the legendary Gardarian ruler, referred to by the Scandinavian authors since the XVII century. Skira believed that their ancestors came from the West, from the ground, where the sun does not enjoy many days a year, that is, from the polar region. Skira took place from ingling, in honor of which the club of Tolkien is named, who also attributed themselves to hyperborem. The name itself - hyperborea reached us in ancient Greek transcription. "Hyper" translated means "for" or "over something." Borea (Greek Boréas - North Wind. Bora (Ital. Bora, from Lat. Boreas) - Strong and Gusty North Wind; Bor - Forest. In the Scandinavian mythology, Bor was the father of God Odin and other gods, which indicates the close connection of the Scandinavian culture With hyperboree. "Tsarist Power in the city (Hypriana) and the protection of sacred sites is entrusted with so-called Boreads, borea descendants who always take power from generation to generation." Viking campaigns in Greenland justified them as a return to the homeland of the ancestors. at the Swedish card 12 A century Rainbow Bridge Bridge connects Europe and Greenland. However, the real essence of the Rainbow Bridge is the realization of the Rainbow Body. In contacts of the Scandinavis and Greeks, there were general motives in their mythologies, in particular about hyperborery. The ruler of the Kingdom of Langobards in Italy Alboin ("Albov's friend") Or the English king Alfred Great ("Alvov Advisor") was considered the founders of Venels. "My narrative concerns only the following. This Divine [Apollo] has priests, the sons of Borea and Chiona, are their three native brothers, - height in six elbows. Whenever they make established priesthoods at normal time on the prescription, with the so-called ripeye mountains, the clutch clutch flies, irresistible with its set; And they fly off the temple, as if cleaning him with their flight, then, however, sit at the temple fence, representing the maturity of a majestic in many and beauty. " Swan, along with an eagle, Sokol and Voronm - one of the symbols of the Elf. According to Aristosas Ripessy Mountains is the mountains of modern Ireland. Shakespeare knew about Alvach. For example, Romeo and Juliet is a conflict of guelphs and gibelleins, and the sleep in the summer night hint to activate the plasma perception regime in a dream. In the narration itself, the action of which is going on in Greece, there is an elves. Ben Johnson argued that Shakespeare received a letter from the Vatican, in the cat, he was strongly asked not to write a novel about elves as such, in particular, not to describe their homeland as a hyperbore. In a dream in a summer night, the Vedic phrase "Basis without Fundament" is found. In England, the symbolic continuation of Italian events was the war of the scarlet and white roses, where the parties considered themselves the descendants of the Guelfs and Godschalins. These genus dynasties have become international and settled about many countries. The heirs of Gibbelin are the adepts of white rose, and the Gwenels of the Adepta scarlet rose. The cause of the war is the struggle for the title of the English king. At 1455, Yorki (white rose adepts) conducted a secret ceremony to confirm their ancient divine origin on Mount Glastonbury, which, according to esoteric, is connected with elves. During the ceremony over the mountain, a glowing ball appeared, which was perceived as a positive sign. At the time of the conquest of India, the descendants of Yorkkov, having learned from the Hindus about the Tibetan Yogin Milaphance, recorded him in their own. In general, everyone and always wanted to bring their origin from the alvs. The death of deaths for the first time called the Helfs themselves, which meant "stupid". However, over time, the Miscellanesses of the Divine themselves accepted this as self-taxing, withdrawing it from Ellin. Gibbelin considered themselves the descendants of Abaris and Aristoes - immigrants from Hyperborea. In 1273, Pope Grigory X said that no one more understands the meaning of the name of the "death". Merovingians. First, they were called "long-haired kings" due to the fact that none of them is cut hair along the oldest tradition (you will drive the hair - you will lose strength). Secondly, they were "wizard kings" and could heal patients with a simple "imposition of hands" (just like Tolkien: "The hands of this king are the hands of the healer"). Thirdly, the Merovingings were considered the "kings of the priests", that is, they had the status of high priests. It was not satisfied with the Roman church. Grail's line, the messianic line, to which the descendants of Merovia belonged to the Roman decree, published in the first century of our era, should "train and betray the sword." In the fourth century, the Roman Church received all the official powers, after which the Sacred Dynasty was predicted by Anathema (cursed), Merovingings are lowrated, and Carroling agreed on the French throne. According to the study of 2011, about 24% of the population of modern Italy belongs to the Gutes. According to the study of 2015, about 36% of Russians consider themselves as descendants of hyperboreans. "The hyperboreans, by nature, were people talented, with a very well developed artistic taste" - Tolkien elves love art. "The hyperboreans, they say, have their own language, but they are very close to the Hellen and especially to the Athenians and Delocers, since ancient times, supporting this location. Some of the Hellenes, as they tell, came to the hyperborers and left there rich offering with inscriptions with Hellenic letters. Similarly, the hyperboarder Abaris came to Ellad to resume an old friendship and relationship with the deligance. " Alboin, ælfwine, Alpwin, Alfvinr - German names of people; All, meaningful "elf each", are translated with accuracy to Khania and Sinovelin: Elendil, Quendil, Eldameldo, Eldandil, Elvellyn, etc. In Iceland, in the opinion of many people, the population is under a certain press of the Alvov. From the point of view of Tolkien's creativity - this is the unwillingness of the Alvov to allow people to go further into their territory. In the lost legends of the Alva already allowed the capture of Britain by people and this is estimated negative. Icelandic Gulf of Canturin and Cortyrion in Tolkien. The nearest NP Skagastrond in Iceland was considered the village of Alvov. In one of the Irish legends it is said that for magic, it is necessary to look into the mirror and concentrate not in the image in private details, but on the entire image - darkness (illumination). It is reported that this technique came from ALLV. Thus, Tolkien and Co. made their interpretation of the basic model of theosophy with the involvement of a plurality of additional sources. Many things Tolkin should have had no ideas during his life, for example, about Doggerland (Belerianda). Material traces of Alvian culture The elves of the Celts are called the tribes of the gods given (Tuatahi), Sides and Fairi. This people sailed to Ireland and burned their ships as well as Nolddor led by Feant. Between the local population and elves, Tauta were long and complex relationships, including wars. In the end, the elves settled in Sids, that is, the hills. The Alva is often called the people of the hills and they allegedly live in them. On the territory of Ireland and Scotland in the 18-19th centuries found settlements in the hills, most of which were then destroyed. An example of the preserved and today settlements is Skara-Bray. In addition, the roof of houses in Ireland and Iceland often sprinkled land, receiving a kind of hill. At the site of standings of the tuets, that is, the elves in Ireland on the plain, the remains of europeuses were found in the county of MEYO. They had a very high growth for the people of that time - 170-180 cm. Parts had only fragments of fingers and legs. They were burned. It has been established that the bone remains did not become the product of the external fire. Exactly the same remains remain in the implementation of the so-called rainbow body in yoga. Also known is the phenomenon of the self-burning of the human body. The remains of the taobs had decorations in the form of spirals, circles and black and white rectangles. Spiral and circles according to researchers denote infinity and self-recognition, and a black and white rectangle means dark lover. Tempecova at the level of consciousness perception of only light, without forms and colors. At the substance level is plasma. Monuments of the elven culture in Europe are not so much megalites as ideally processed stones. Until the 20th century, many cases of finds of such stones are described. However, by the beginning of the 20th century, they disappeared incomprehensible way, and only untreated megaliths remained. These stones had patterns that could be completed with only with technologies from CNC and above, that is, to magic. For example, it is impossible to reproduce with modern manual engraver without displacement of the thickness of the groove In the 60s, it was found out that under the complex of the famous Kurgan Ireland BRU-on The slaughterhouses are the remains of another building, which was built long before the Kurgan itself. Found residues apparently were walls. Many of them are images of spirals and darkness (plasma). Some researchers believe that Bru-on-Boyne is a place from which Tolkien has written off Doriate. Any developed civilization that would take care to leave a memory of themselves, taking into account the inevitable fact of periodic global catastrophes, would understand the following: 1 All materials, except the stone, collapse in several thousand years 2 will be cleaned by local residents for economic needs 3 will be They are cleared for religious needs, those cults that will be at that time 4 will be destroyed by opposing religious cults. Therefore, the only way to leave the memory of yourself is large stone structures that will withstand the time, and the obscurantist vandals. And by the time the obsobesa-vandals get to weapons and destroy monuments by the type of Buddha statues in Benyam, the information will be already collected and summarized. It follows the conclusion that such stones demonstrate two inseparably coming technological ways: 1 technical (traces of ushm, drill, etc.) 2 magotechnical (block delivery, complex cutting, ideal 3D patterns). The combination of these approaches is very clearly visible on megalithic structures, gives an idea of ​​the authors and their origin. Nothing further squeeze out of this no longer succeed. In August 1922, the Soviet occultist and writer Alexander Barchenko during a weekly trip to the Kola Peninsula discovered man-made monuments in the vicinity of Lovlasel and Seydizer, the remains of the hyperborean civilization. To search for places associated with Alvami, the map, compiled by Andrei Glagolev, can serve as a map. About 90% of the places marked on it coincides with those places that today is called abnormal zones (Tolkien has a memory of alive in Eregion). So on the map in the metropolitan region, Moscow Region Zone Shushmore and Moscow Skhodnensky bucket were noted. To other famous places today include lakes, Plescheevo Lake, M-worker. In the Slavic myths, the core of the Black Sea Rusi is called the country swan, its ancient elven name is also given - Eviasia. And the same name is also the heavenly spouse of Prince Ants Bead Beloyar. Pillies. "On the shore of the Ponta (Black Sea) in the direction ... Many Gunnov tribes were assieved to Azov. Stretching from here the country is called Eviasia. " So on the site of the coast of Sindov-Aryans (Sindarin) at the beginning of our era, the descendants of the Black Sea elves were mixed, mixed with Gotami - namely, Eupusian. In Zone Shushmore, at the beginning of the 19th century, a stone was found, which had a pattern of spirals and a circle with an arrow, where could go the legend about Snake Stone, but not about what is known now. Later, the same pattern was found about the already mentioned Lake Corozero in the Arkhangelsk region. Patterns have an error in the hundredths of a millimeter, which is unattainable manual labor. In the 1980s, the 19th century there were about 200 stones in the Hermitage with such a pattern collected at different points of Russia. Many of them contained the same figures that did not differ in any millimeter. Some of them were re-detected in the Museum's stares in the 60s. It turned out that some patterns glowed in ultraviolet. Some stones contained a star of the starry sky, visible only in ultraviolet. Another stone had an image of a village and a hill. The arrow came from the village, which crossed the vertical line. The vertical line shared the stone into two parts. In another part, the figure of Humanoid was depicted, from which radiance proceeded. That is, the location of the transition to Alvheim could be depicted on the stone. One of the large stones with a spiral and a dark-flower size of 5 to 8 meters was discovered near the lake meal, near St. Petersburg. The Gods tribes were given to local residents of 4 magic subjects, among which there is one real preserved to the present day. This is a stone Far. Stone Far is a boulder of the era of neolithic. According to the legends on the stone, a luminous plate of a material similar to amber, which had a spiral inside, dark loss and A number of other characters. She glowed in the dark and burned the hands of local residents. This is one of the possible prototypes of Silmarilli Tolkien. The Indian Kama Sutra Temple in India in Kajuraho according to legends displays the appearance and the lives of people in the Swip of Dviz. Lutin genes. Phenotype and alvov genotype. Signs of Alva: 1 ability to magic 2 plasma. The remains of hypothetical ALVOV on the parking lots of Tuets in Ireland were subjected to biological research. It turned out that many have a number of common features: 4 Blood Group, Negative Rh Factor, Increased Erythrocyte. The biological age of the legs of one skeleton is 80 years, and the skull bones is only 20 years old. The remains found in houses and burials located in the Hills of Ireland also often have 4 blood band and negative Rh. Next to the remains were often found all the same stones with a spiral sign, a circle and dark flower. The same remains were found in Scandinavia in places, which believed to elven. The Scandinavian remains showed that these humanoids had almond-shaped eyes and oblong ears. Some of the remains also had only the dice of the fingers and feet, which can speak about the implementation of the iris. It can be assumed that part of the remains does not belong to Pure Alvam, but are the result of the mixing of the ALVOV and ARIEV. According to Irish researchers, the hypothetical ALVOV had to prevail a phlegmatic temperament. To a large extent, this temperament is distributed among the Celts themselves, many of which should have an Alvian genotype. According to Japanese research, the blood group corresponds to Phlegmatic. Also, according to Japanese study, 4 blood group is the oldest, and not the youngest, as it is considered some anthropologists. In the 4th group of blood establishes a relationship with physiological predisposition to a multiple (complex) worldview, that is, to the perception of the world as a multiverse. Such perception makes it possible to travel between the worlds of the multi-dealer, which is magic. The entire set of these signs in the opinion of Irish scientists today has about 2-5% of the white race, 1% yellow (Dark Awards?) Signs are equally common in Europe, including among Russians, with some increasing in Ireland, Scotland and France. It should be understood that the presence of such signs is the possibility of elphiization and magic, but not its dality. Without knowledge of itself, they will remain unrealized potential. Magic is the only essential sign of Alva, as the beautiful (complex, MULTIZER) body of Alva and the environment of the investigation of a developed consciousness that understands self-recognition and temperakels. Negative Rhus factor indicates the lack of direct inheritance to primates. Thus, the elf is also an elf's genotype in terms of Ariii, which under certain conditions can become a phenotype. Conditions are the complication of the information environment, that is, the emergence of the information society. Apparently, it was precisely what was meant by Tolkin when he spoke about the importance of the tide of the blood of Senior Ariyev younger (Beren and Lutin), since the youngest time can become Alvami. Currently, the area is widely developed, which is referred to as the quantum theory of consciousness. Conservative science does not recognize the existence of such an industry, but at the moment the opinion of the conservative "science" does not interest anyone, as it stopped to science for a long time. In this industry there are sub-sectors - quantum neurobiology. Since 2003, NEUROQUANTOLOGY Journal is published. The magazine itself was a victim of a propaganda company. A series of articles was published in the journal, according to which some people who have a negative blood factor or having those among the closest rising ancestors have elevated abilities to paranormal. Under paranormal abilities in publications it is understood as possible Displacements between the Multi-Lesene variants in the framework of the multi-family interpretation of the Everett. Niels Bohr believed that quantum laws acts at the real level and more priority for it than the laws of the very real level. The Benegia group explained to everyone familiar to everyone in everyday life of things that cannot be explained from the point of view of the real level and the behavior of plasmoids. I could not resist the hysterical reaction Commission to combat Lzhenauka RF RF, which is an additional feature of the correctness of this concept. After hacking correspondence, the Kbble RAS found out that the CBL separately finances the promotion of non-existence of quantum consciousness. According to the French scientist brain, people with 4 blood groups work on another principle than those who are the carrier of other blood groups. Such people have a hemisphere of the brain work in sharing. The eyes of people with a negative rhesv factor often have something like Tipettum, a special layer, located behind the retina, which returns part of the light on the retina. Such people see well in the dark. This in turn causes a slightly enlarged eye of the eyeball, which forms an inclined eye cut. Such eyes are more sharpened for the defocused perception, that is, the perception of the darkness (plasma). The eyes of an ordinary person binocular, that is, two eyes are needed to perceive the third dimension, that is, depth. The depth is fixation at the real level - on the form and color. Such vision does not give to see dark luminos (illumination, plasma) as such. Therefore, it is necessary to finish vision 2 to cover one eye, removing the binocularity and turning into the darkness mode. Also, such people often have sharp ears, which is explained by increased functionality: all well adapted predators have pointed ears in order to optimally focus sound waves. The highest primates do not have acute ears, and the negative rhesus factor of blood speaks of the origin of its carrier not from common ancestor. Today in Iceland there are settlements where people live, who consider themselves elves. They do not communicate with other residents. Local residents note that they can glow in the dark, and in the afternoon there is some haze around them. Several such people agreed to pass tests. It turned out that most of them had 4 blood band in themselves or at one of their parents, and a negative reserves of blood. Many of the Iceland Elfs have almond-shaped eyes, pointed ears and know how to cause small plasmoids (orss). Orders challenged was recorded on video. According to the 18-19th century records, which describe contacts with the ancestors of these people, the air around them groin as after the rain. Speaking in modern language, the air of groes in ozone, that is, ionized, becoming plasma. In the story of the Mountain Lake Elves / Djupatjorn / recorded Joune Torkarson from Yidkula there are two main ideas related to the "Icelandic" elves. The first idea about the direct relationship of magicians with elves and even about the origin of people-multigid from one of the parents from the hidden people, and so the magician of their strength. This is a lot of examples. The most ancient - in the "saga about Hrolwers and his deugers" (recorded about 1400), where he is talking about the sordunion of Squuld, the daughter of the Danish Konong and a certain elves. The plasma according to the experiments of Nikola Tesla and the Kroks Chelama is 1 consciousness 2 Active form of ether-consciousness, existing at the level of the ether itself, fields, substances (its 4 state), while generating them. Plasma has a greater number of degrees of freedom than a substance, that is, acts as a control system for controlled, then for a substance. Plasma seems to be dark, illumination, when, for example, the room is perceived as a blurred image with sections of varying degrees of illumination. In such a mode of perception, the focus on the form of things and their color is not done. The plasma light is often called astral, and the plasma is astral, since the stars (Astra - Star) have a plan. Contemplation of TNMNOST (plasma) is one of the ways to understand the self-recognition of consciousness and non-promptness of everything else. Ball lightning is a power saturated plasma. Many Arias from childhood are peering into the darkness and see numerous luminous points that there are plasma. They also see the figures that are formed against the background of the darkness. It has been established that these figures can be built into a film and worse on digital cameras - Experiments of Jules Iizenbuda, Gennady Krokhaleva. Old film films contain the so-called image artifacts, a significant part of which is plasma. Today they are called Orbs. Orbs are a low-energy plasma. The body of the aria can also glow, as it also glowing from the Alvov. Arias can from childhood not only to leave the mark on the film, but also on paper, as if burning it, as well as a picture in the form of a powder. In this case, the plasma creates polymer matter ("feathers" of Phoenix birds). The plasma is a sign of the transition between the Multi-Led options, that is, a sign of a successful magical act. "" If I look at the horse, but I see not a horse, but only the light and the shadow emanating from it, which is one thing, then I am fully implemented. Light and shadow separate only in delusion. In essence, they are from what the flame of the candle and the star consists, that I can call during the meditation. She is the younger sister of those that are visible at night in the sky. " Alvov's care. Past and currently Now it is clear that the non-recognition of the observer as the main actor in the universe, the priority of quantum laws at the substance level over the laws of the substance itself leads to nowhere. After stopping NTP in binary consciousness there is a rollback back. NTP stopped at about the 70s and 1980s of the 20th century, and now it is only his imitation. Everywhere in the information space, the Middle Ages is returned by gigantic steps. "This braking, he noted, became obvious in solving the US Congress in 1993, concerning the cessation of work on the superconduct superclarider, a giant accelerator of particles, which, as physicists hoped, will promote them for quarks and electrons, in the depth of the microcosm, and for just then 8 billion dollars. " (D. Horgan The End of Science) "I mentioned another name, Jack Gibbons (Jack Gibbons), who has recently elected Bill Clinton appointed scientific matters advisor. He cautiously acknowledged that neither the superconduct superclarider nor any other earth accelerator could provide direct confirmation of the final theory "" As it seems, Bethe, Weinberg and Mermin assumed that quantum mechanics, at least in a qualitative sense, and there is a final Physics theory " Periodically, the already developed leading race on Earth concludes that the technological path of development without taking into account the role of the observer leads to nowhere, quantum laws are prioritized over the laws of the substance. Such a part of the leading race passes into a more complex version of consciousness and multi-dealer - alvheim, and the remaining part rolled into the Middle Ages. For the remaining ordinary consciousnesses, this is accompanied by cataclysms. The most likely reason at the substance level is the displacement of the planet axis. Next go climate change, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, cooling, etc. Today, expedited rates are dying out, that is, the sixth global extinction is coming. For example, for some per year, up to 10% of all insects die out. It is clear that in the near future it leads to global hunger. In turn, this leads to such phenomena as an authoritarian dictatorship and the disappearance of democracy. Next is technological degradation, when after three generations of NPP will be a product of the hands of the gods. Care of the most advanced individuals means enhancing the proximity and binaris of thinking, which are looking for enemies everywhere, and the situation is already unfriendly. Consequently, the land as the planet - the enemy. Such consciousness will definitely attract many secondary disasters. Signs of simplification of consciousness are visible now. For example, people believe that Alvy - the perfume of nature, which should serve them (where Would it?), And the UFO is rushing for parses only to come into contact or kidnap some kind of aunt. In the cinema, humanity regularly saves the whole universe, although they can not save themselves. Everything that Tolkien described with conditional morgue and Sauron is a kindergarten in comparison with what is happening here and now. Only in fairy tales of the type Harry Potter, more developed consciousnesses become, and even voluntarily, serviced less developed. Although here in the opinion of many albus name, that is, ALV, speaks of many things. In fact, Voldemort interferes here to the formation of ALLV, and therefore bad, and not from the love of Dumbledore to the Maghals (Promotional Element). It makes sense to consider the epochs after the conditional expulsion of the morgot. Tolkien has an indication of the reduction of eras. In his opinion, there can now be 7 era. The meaning of the era in the domination of one or another information in the broad sense of the word. New era - new information. The epoch is time, and the time is the number of changes. The more denser, more diverse information, the shorter the era. In the 19th century, the middle man knew about 5% of the fact that the middle man knew the 20th century in the 90s. In other words, over the course of centuries in the life of people, nothing particularly changed and the epochs were durable. Only the observer manages the world, and consciousness is information. Consequently, the speed of informational exchange determines reality. In theosophy, there are no epochs older than 7 - 7 notes, 7 colors, etc. There is a new circle. Then it is clear that now the very end of the 7th epoch, since the density and variety of information flow reached the maximum. Morgot is Mara, the spirit of ignorance. Merchant, not a tempter like Christians. For Avraamism, the distortion is an empty concept, since there is no analysis, and faith is a sophisticated acceptance of facts. There is a tempter, that is, the provocateur of Goev-slaves for non-compliance with certain laws, which from the sadistic-tyrannoe motivations established a certain accomplice of Belial - Yahweh. Distortion is false information. Morgot is the maximum possible number of false information. To bring the information to its address, information channels are needed, such as the media, inerture. It is clear that now the maximum possible number of information channels and the maximum possible reproduction of false information, all sorts of changes designed to keep the observer depending on the real level of reality. So then in the mul-lented infinite amount of information, but the parasitic of that of it, which holds the observer tied to the substance. Consequently, the conditional morgot has long been returned, representing the parasitic part of the observer consciousness (s) and at the same time super-geor. It can be said that here in the Middle Ages was worse, so there was an inquisition. But christianity postulates did not change. You could reflect them for several years even to Tugodum, and it is much more difficult to reflect false information when it comes to every second with gigabytes, as now. Yahwe is not synonymous with Mary, and at best one of many projections (avatars), so Mara is part of TNK, and part of the left ideas, and fashion and still under 100 phenomena and their combinations. "Trone" Morgoth in the north. It is clear that earlier, that now his "throne" in the northern hemisphere, that is, where they are generally capable of perceiving at least some information, all technologies and economic potential are concentrated. On the other hand, such a system can produce its simplified projection (avatar) to solve some private issues. The survey of 2019, conducted in the United States showed that about 74% of people, allegedly stolen UFOs (pedestronous, plasma projection of the observer's psyche) "exported" to the area of ​​the West Scandinavia. This is the district of Sturagga. There they saw a variety of freaks and frightening paintings. According to these descriptions, these even creatures for some reason complained about environmental pollution and people's psychopathy. Since the Universe is infinite, and there is any information in it, then you can find options where all the characters described in Tolkien are, for example, Feanor. From the point of view of Tolkina Neoalva, that is, there are directly arising now, can be stronger than old-alleged, rather at the level of mayers or valars, and even stronger because people reincarnated and investigated Ardu as a system from outside during transactions (Bardo), and Alva did not reincarnate, being inside the contour of Arda. In addition, the short term of life makes thinking very quickly, without prolonged scatter Most likely, there were several thousand in Midgard, several thousand remained in Midgard, and they were characterized by the fact that the formation of a new consciousness was not fully completed, which is dangerous for them (the curse of Mandos, and that prophecy, since they themselves are to blame, and not who hurt them). They tried to reach Ariyev, for example, relatives, to their level of consciousness (Bodhisatatva for Ariyev). This resisted the synergistic association of very ordinary consciousness - people. And today in Midgar love easier. This synergistic education is supergrowor and there are morgots (mars) and Sauron and anyone "bad". His essence is the retention of an observer in the way of simple perception, binary thinking, ignorance of the consciousness of its self-recognition and darkness (plasma). For the Alvov, it does not represent any threat, in addition to the poor attempts to seduce them, go from the complex thinking back to the simple. But for people, he is a great danger. Scandinavian Mora is described as the lower spirit, which was at night and stifled people, but not to the end, since not an observer, then there is no parasite. She lived in the north in the area of ​​Sturagga. And today, people wake up with a stall of breathing at night (sleepy paralysis), and often see a dark figure. This happens as a result of the violation of the respiratory center. This leads to the activation of the power perception (plasma, astral), and since the consciousness of a person is simple, as a result, it sees enemies everywhere. It gives himself such an enemy figure, and it becomes real. Morgot as a supererhegor of stupidity can be planted on these figures. For those who know how everything is arranged, the figure at night does not represent any danger and interest. All that Tolkien is described in Alvam, that is, on awakened consciousness, knowledgeableness and darkness (plasma), in reality, rather applies to people or semi-lines. But the narrative of Alvach goes through the sources and numerous information distortions of people. Such a structure as morgot (from here by the way such words as a marrow, fainting, shmar, etc.), if observers recognized its existence, could have been to them and give orders to accomplish actions against the educational activities of Alvov among Ariev. People can worship the projections of their consciousness - the gods. For example, the maniacs some voice often says something to do. They are so stupid that they do not understand that this is part of their consciousness. It is true that simplicity is worse than theft. It was a special case of such a phenomenon. When a dark figure is formed by the observer, it consists of actually from darkness and light, since in general any image is born with a drop of darkness and light. Otherwise it is impossible in principle. Such a dark figure, which allegedly hesitates someone, has a bright area - one inside explanation of Silmarill. These include Nazguli - the same dark figures in the darkness generated by the observer consciousness. Orcs can be representatives of an even more informed world than Midgard (Olheim) - Yotunham. In Iceland, the trolls throw the stones on a person, preventing passing, but they themselves are not visible. And if you can see, then as something blurry is not too decorated dark-led (plasma, astral) projection of consciousness against itself. Here is true schizophrenia - not to know its original nature, self-like and darkness, and at the same time pretend that you are normal. The second option is all famous snow people. They could enter Midgard when activating Alvami transition from Midgard in Alvheim and back. They are not evil, but just stupid. But because of the stupidity, if they found themselves on the territory of Midgard, they could engage all the chyshe, which seemed to them something significant, for the benefit of this parasitic structure. Not a snowy man has a magical strength, and a more complex consciousness is a person, gives Higobabinov this force. Today there are harmful cats, which when a person is bad, begins to displays him, small-minded. For example, a person has a spin hurts and he lies, and the cat specifically drops cups so that he gets up. Why is this cat, the cat itself, because of the dullness, could not explain. By and large, Jotunheim is just a planet of monkeys. Suppose some prince of Europe at night in the house was a figure that "stifled", and then Morgoth "said" to him to start a war against the settlement of the Alvov. No war against

Alvov, he certainly could not lead, but for the destroying of the hybrids of the Alvov and Ariev could, and their supporters. Such a story could be not alone. Blavatskaya caused pedestal figures, the profane fell on his knees and were ready to fulfill orders such a figure, but Blavatsky itself was just laughed with such ignorance. These stories have repeatedly intensified in the negatives of even simpler consciousness in several hundred and were supplemented with new "terrifying" details. Casey wrote that Numenor was thoroughly with natural gases and some x-rays. Most likely, the Numernor, which was located in the Azores, was the usual recently arising from the shards of the old technogenic civilization of the current level. He again gaped the atmosphere with greenhouse gases, and the result of which x - rays 1 radiation from the Sun 2 change of the magnetic field of the Earth. What is Sauron (Morgoth) in Numenore? This is an excavatory passion for the real component and loss of ester's knowledge. This is not a violation of some moral norms that cannot be disrupted because a certain God has established them, but the loss of elementary sanity, as a result of which you enter the conflict with the environment. But everything happens first of all at the observer level. Under Mordor, you can understand the country in the territory of Karpat, the managing class, which was stupid and did not like the doctrine of the ALV. For example, a certain Sauron / Morgot / Nazgul can appear to the head of the country and how to scare them, send them to interfere as possible, the training of Ariyev. English locks and today are full of dozens of such Saurons - projections of consciousness of visitors who are confident that those should be there, which means they will definitely be there. They undertake to be photographed. However, now blocking materialism interferes with the proviscial element to perceive them as something global and serious. It should be remembered that the temperature (plasma) generates a substance. Therefore, if the provision will seem to see that this projection has a knife, and she will hit them, then the observer can really die, although most likely he will lose consciousness. If the witches were pursued in the 18th century, then in the 20th century in England there is a law on the persecution of magicians, since the magic is alleged at all. On his foundation was convicted Helen (!) Duncan. Materialism is a way to protect a simple (unlikely, who does not know the self-recognition and darkness) of consciousness from its own projections: "I will create a problem myself and I'll be frightened." Tantra Kalachakra warns about the upcoming invasion of the people who will be a follower of the line of the Prophets: Adam, Nov, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mani (founder of the main Iranian religion - manicoisy), Muhammad and Mahdi (Islamic Messiah). To resist the threat, "Tsar" Shambhala (Avali) Avalokiteshwara will unite the Hindus and Buddhists in one Castow, who gave them the dedication of Kalachakra. As a single society, the people of Shambhala will be able to follow the Buddhist king in the future, which defeats the troops of the invaders and starts a new golden age. Plasmism. Crook, Tesla, etc. Plasma in 1879 opened the hives of Circles, which described it as 4 state of matter. Cruks believed that it was how the states of the substance need to understand the teachings of the ancient Greeks and Hindus about the elements. Crooks besides this is known for the fact that he was engaged in the experiments on the materialization of plasmoids mental, including polymer residues that were named Etoplasm. According to other ectoplasma in photographs is not a polymer, but is a plasma like the plasmoids themselves. Cruks studied the medieval and modern descriptions of meetings with ball lightning and found that in their presence, materialization of the substance, including finished products, occur. The materialization of polymeric structures is nothing different, as described in the legends of Fenix ​​bird feathers, and the bird itself is plasmoid. A significant part of the circle archives disappeared. Most of the heritage of Nikol Tesla in a strange way disappeared. After death in 1943 The year of his archives were withdrawn by the Office of Foreign Property. Tim Schwartz wrote that searches and seizures of things went immediately in several places. In 1976, part of the archives of Nikola Tesla was put up for Auction by Michael Bornese, and was bought by Dalel Elfrey, after which he fell into public space. Another version states that Dale received archives from Yugoslavia, where Tesla handed part of the copies of his work to the nephew Sava Kosanovich. From there, access to the work of Tesla received the USSR. Both the USA and the USSR tried to implement the idea of ​​telephors - the "mortal-moving" rays of the Tesla, in view of the installations of Haarp in the US and Sura in the USSR. From the archives it is clear that the Tesla communicated with the physician of the Ulyam Cruks. Together they set a number of experiments on the study of the paranormal abilities of a person. These were experiments with the so-called mirrors. This is something like the mirrors of Kozyrev. According to some, thanks to them, Tesla learned the essence of plasmoids. There is nothing special in the interpretation in the mirrors themselves, but they are as an ordinary mirror are able to set up consciousness to the perception of darkness (plasma). Croza believed that the flame of the candle is plasma and 4 state of the substance (search engine - Tesla and Circuits. Plasmoids. Ultraviolet intelligent entities. Forbidden experiments with mirrors) Circus, which became the victim of a discrepancy company on discrediting the materialization of phantoms, complained that in the event of the occultists there were forces which persistently propose to consider the elements of non-state of matter, but substances in a simple understanding: literally air, water, land and fire. The results of the experiments were summarized by them in the form of the following conclusions: 1 plasma is the continuation of the observer consciousness. It is important that this wording is important, in contrast to the primitive and distributed in the media plasmoids of "reasonable entities", "angels", etc. We are talking about the Vedic concept of Maya - illusory peace. For example, in the mirrors there were voices that were divided by tones. 2 plasma peculiar concentration of ether 3 plasma creates a substance with the participation of the observer 4 Plasma formations are particles, and the laws of quantum physics are valid in macromir. 5 Eastern yogic practices, such as pressing on the eyes, contemplating bright dot points in the dark (crucible), Dzogchen is devoted to the observation of plasma. At the end of his life, Tesla, in his surrounding, reported his vision of plasma as a source of magic. In narrow circles, he was called the "lord of the ball lightning". "Tesla produced" spherical zippers "with a soccer ball, kept them in his hand, put into the box, covered it with a lid and removed from there. These were completely stable structures that remained minutes. Of course, Tesla knew about the phenomenon much more than modern science; He was known for the mystery of the synthesis of cold plasma in the free space. " And here the media later turned "ball lightning" just in "zipper". During this period, steps were taken under the discredit of Tesla, as it happened earlier with Helen Duncan in England and later Ninel Kulagin in the USSR. So a certain professor of Trump, by the way, Uncle Donald Trump, having studied Tesla's legacy, concluded: "The activities of this outstanding engineer and a scientist who made a huge contribution to the study of electricity at the beginning of this century will not be questioned if it is concluded that its Thoughts and efforts for the last, at least fifteen years, were mainly speculative, philosophizing and stimulating character, often associated with the production of wireless energy transmission, but do not include new sensible, healthy principles or methods to achieve results. " This is an analog of the Kbble RAS, which orders materials about the non-existence of ball lightning. The hotel manager "New Yorker" was still directly stated by the FBI agents that the scientists had suffered from elderly dementia and could hardly be inventing something. In England, the "witch" Helen Duncan, who died from a certain ectoplasmic strike, tried her under the law on witchcraft of 1735. In contrast to the inquisition laws, this law denies the presence of magic as such, and prohibits the occupation of it as a type of quantity. That is, this is the first Material law. According to historians, he was adopted when the fear of the Inquisition was overwhelmed by the whole society, someone could be accused of magic. Therefore, the final decision here was to cancel the concept of magic at all. Circles, in addition to the opening of the plasma, created gas-discharge tubes, opened thallium, X-ray rays (cathode), named for some reason, not in his honor (Crux tube), opened the phenomenon of scinning and much more. Tesla belongs about 300 patents. On his account such critical significant technologies as an electromagnetic engine, an electric arc lamp, a dynamo-electric machine, a ship magazine, a frequency meter. However, it is unpleasant to mention them in school programs, as about Einstein, although the theory of relativity belongs to Poincare or make films about them like Leonardo da Vinci. In fact, it is one of the greatest scientists in history, but the ariams need to listen to the origin of Africa from blacks and other frank nonsense. The ideological convergence of the Tesla and the developer of the system of the most "death rays" - Haarp Bernard Islund was a consultant to the Vestiya research team. The victim, which was engaged in the study of plasmoids, focused on their dependence on the observer. Robert Openheimer was told about the action of the laws of quantum physics in Makromir - the creator of a nuclear bomb, and his student David Bom. Opengeimer not only knew Bhagavat-Gitto, but also engaged in yogic practices. Opengeimer voiced the same conclusions to which Tesla and Circus came. The doctrine of Opechaimer David Bom also supported the ideas that the plasma is the consciousness of the observer, which wrote Krishnamurti. Bom was especially interested in Tibetan images of yogis, which cause some glowing balls - ball lightning. In American aviation, the disappearance of the lethal apparatus is described in two understanding: 1 for radars 2 in general. Both often occur when the plane is surrounded by plasma. One of their technologies of concealing from radar is the creation of plasma around the aircraft. The cases described when the aircraft disappeared in one place and appeared far from it there are several dozen. Often they were shrouded in plasma and around were the fvealed balls. However, it is not UFO, but the consciousness of pilots. The plasma lies in the phenomenon of the disappearance of the Eldridge and the failure of the foot of yoga into a stone in the mountains. If we assume that the possibility of manifestation of the plasma depends on the conviction in it, then this explains the decline often by 30 years of the 20th century, when vulgar materialism has already entered the mass fashion. The flushed of fixation can be called the period from 1850 to 1930. On the one hand, the slave spirit of Christianity was already destroyed, but his change film in the form of materialism has not yet come. But the funds of fixation until 2005 were approximately the same, starting from the second half of the 20th century. If in the 19th century it was possible to obtain an image of phantom in 95% of cases, then today at 5%. In addition, the complexity of plasma formations decreased: 1850-1930 - Phantom-Body, 1930 - 2005 - Multi-Framefia, Blurry, 2005 - Ned Time - Orbs. For outline, traditional techniques were used. For example, false spiritual sessions were arranged with subsequent exposure. The medium allegedly produces Etoplasm, and then "enlighteners" appear and establish that this is a fabric that was purchased in a store with a specific name. Or photos are made, where the dress gets in advance from the box, that is, it can be seen. What is this purchased clothing. Then photos of the very phenomenon are made. In both lines of photographs there are the same elements of the room. First, the newspapers publish a photo with a spirit, and in a month of "exposure" with a box from a dress from the store. The paradox is that in those days in Europe there were no fashion for psychotechnics, which became popular at the end of the 20th century, and the results of materialization were at the height. It is not surprising that now everything is concentrated on consumption. The history of photography is the history of reducing photosensitivity of the photoplastin, whether it is a daggerotype, a film or a semiconductor matrix. Some Dagerotypes are photosensitive to the film in Five times. Today in digital cameras are cutting off IR and UV filters. At the moment, there are neural networks on social networks that remove the "errors" of photos. The connectedness of all these actions into a single conspiracy understandable only at the level of morgot, but not at the level of the provisal element. At the level of the proviscial element, it is an attempt to improve consumer qualities of photography, where IR and UV spectra are not needed. Another technique is the formation of the impression that the 19th century is different from 21. They are not different. In photographs of the late 19th century plasma phantoms look flat. These are also seen today to people before bedtime. That is, they can be photographed by Dagerotype technology or film. C 2013 In the US, the company for discrediting Orbov - Plasmoids was launched. Official science first explained the orches by defects of matrices, but there can be no such number of defects, and then the same camera fixed the orches in different parts of the photo. Next, the orbs began to explain the outbreaks from dust with dust during defocusing. However, the orches are increasing with a symmetric structure. In addition, a significant part of the orbes has toroidal structures inside itself, like a ball lightning. Dust is either asymmetric particles or chains up to 0, 04 mm. When considering their asymmetry. The same shows the pass photo of dust through the neural network for cleaning the blur. But from the instantaneous light of the orchees may come to the excitement, absorbing part of the radiation. In many photos, they continue to manifest themselves after the outbreak. And again, as 100-150 years ago, an attempt was attempting to imagine the orbs not as a frequency consciousness, but as angels and demons - a primitive Avraamic nonsense. In the manifests of photographs, even a small stain was the cause of refusal from the production of photos, and the frame was cut out of the film, although this property owner. A significant part of these defects - plasma. Why are plasma figures are not visible today as tight as in the photo at Crox? And they have not been visible tight as hanging curtains. They were in his own words only in 20% of cases. For example, UV radiation is not visible to the eye of most people, but is very tightly fixed in the photo without an IR cutting filter. The substance itself is essentially a field with closed geometric trajectories and more than anything. Tesla - Alvov genes through Numenor If you look at the Maps of Tolkina, then the MORDOR is P-shaped Carpathians. Minas-Tyrit is Belgrade, who is the White City. The informal symbol of Belgrade is the plane - a white tree, which is used for meditation. That is, Belgrade is the capital of the Gondor. Alexander Macedonsky, who saw some trees of the Sun and the Moon, was from the Balkans and was revered by the heir of the Alvov. The legendary founder of Greece Ellin came there from the Balkan. That is, Greece is the remnants of some really existing gondeta. In Christians, which, by the way, no one called, the Alva was the vampires, then demons, and then even decreased. Well, the signs in the form of sharp ears are preserved. "Vvampirologists" found in appearance and in the behavior of Tesla straight and indirect signs that he belonged to these anneous beings. Here are also elegantly dressing his manner, and the almost complete absence in his life in his life, and his strange culinary addiction, and its loneliness, and night walks, and extraordinary performance, and a leaning to clairvoyance. "Vampirologists", examining the biography of Tesla, came to the conclusion that he turned into a vampire ("survived the transformation") at the age of about 18 years - after the bite of some other vampire. With a bite, they bind and long disease of the Tesla at this age - whether the consequences of "transformation", or from the infection in the bite. Why did the vampires needed to bite Tesla? There is an answer and this question. They generally bite and introduce into their "closed club" the most gifted and promising people. Tesla, according to "vampireologists", was a "conscious vampire" - that is, not from those who sleep during the day in a coffin, and at night, auspiece tooth hunts his victims. "Conscious vampires", on the contrary, settle down next to people, lead almost a human lifestyle and try to help them and enlighten them. Morgoth as the ultimate egregor Midgard Morgot is 1 parasitic part of the consciousness of the observer 2 Super German, the final egregor formed by simple consciousnesses. The basis of the existence of an egregor is synergy, the transition of quantity in quality. In fact, 99% of people are zombies (trolls) of such a finite egregor. His task to hide the true picture of the world with any ways: from intimidation through many of its substructures before the introduction of falconscutual information. He did not need to influence the brain Roosevelt, to be in front of him to discredit Tesla. All discrediters are already part of it, although they are confident that they acted in good. All Abrahamizms, international socialism, which are struggling with Abrahamism, and others - Izsa is its numerous parts with which he realizes distortion. A very small percentage of consciousness is able to perceive information. For their retention and directed the impact of morgot. If Tolkien Morgot Mara sits on the northern throne, then this means that all important information processes pass in the north. Indeed, and Africa does not pass anything. It may also be interpreted as a limb of it as an egregor in Midgard location, oh there is a certain dominant position, since the north on the map is always the top. Protection Here is the prescription of the patter of self-consciousness, self-information at the moment before the observation of the observer. Morgot is Mara, the spirit of ignorance and the egregrial essence of Midgard. It can not be in Alvheim. Valara, that is, the elements, parts of the planetary consciousness of the conditional planet (peace, plan) Alvheim did not fight with Morgoth at home, and did not allow him to themselves. The invasion could be caused by the fact that part of the Alvov temporarily decided to stay in Midgar (Faanora's campaign) for the reasons of affection. A well-known series of stories about mumy trolls has a character of a mora, the prototype of which the Vidnavannavian Mora is prototype. It denotes who prevents the understanding of the world and is the Mother Loki. For a number of Icelandic sources, one fought with the sea, like a Buddha with mari. In addition, one did not hang on the tree, but sat under it to achieve knowledge. According to Norwegian sources, one could be a priest of one of the Aryan tribes and came from the alvs. There was no Sauron and rings in the form described. Sauron could make one of the temporarily remaining Alvov, which had different from other views on the development of Ariii in the model proposed here. Liquidation of male and female inform, informors of Midgard science There is a woman Midgard. The essence of the Midgard woman is an incubator, not sex. The very small number of Midgard women have the ultimate consciousness - about 50,000 for all plan, mostly white and yellow races, like men. Sex is intrinsicness and one of the most adjectives in Midgard. Sex and the birth of children do not contradict each other. There is no point in the life of the form in its self-reproduction, it makes sense in knowledge. Reproduction of children needed, but secondary activity. Sex - attraction to a more complex form simpler. Beauty is informational complexity, namely more measurements. Woman and parasitic formations in relation to protoalvo stole a beautiful form of basic consciousness (CFS), characteristic of both floors, and parasitize with its help. Consider the main additional parameters (measurements) of women who are not in the man: 0 Wide pelvis 1 Waist 2 Curvedness of the legs and torso 3 lumen between the legs 4 Breast 5 Long Hair 6 Tilt Eye Tilt 7 Eyebrow Sounds 9 Body Slice 9 Hotel Skeleton Parameters 10 Unbornness. In total, at first glance there are about 15 major parameters. But really such parameters like unwindiness, long hair and eyebrows are not. In addition, Midgard's woman has menstruation, can easily fly unlike other species, it is easily fat, it will become fast. The length of the legs is unequal length from the crotch to the top of the head. Therefore, intuitively reduced the number of parameters to 9. On the structure of the body of the Alvov, you can get an idea by studying the Indian temples of the Camasturi and the eastern images of enlightened beings. Aesthetically, the top of the body should already be than the bottom: true for the body, and for a member. The body must have a large number of measurements. The body of Alva is nonsense, since it does not serve to perform physical work for parasitic inform and domination, although it is capable of this through another structure of the muscles. Eggs are an example of non-psychic parasitic influence, since the breeding organ is easily hiding inside the body. No biological expediency has it. The body acts as an intermediary control system between consciousness and real level, that is, acts in some kind of reason, which means it should be difficult = beautifully. The body of a man should look like this: a wide pelvis, a member of a triangular tavering form without eggs, a gang, muscle-breast, the subtlety of the body and all the elements that Midghard woman have. The force does not go anywhere, but is provided by another muscle structure, when 1 cubic centimeter of the Alves muscle is conditionally equal to 15 centimeters of a person. The body of the woman is supplied with a medium membership formation from the clitoris. From Midgard's woman is taken away, an intellect is taken from Midgard's man. Instincts of domination and manic detection are eliminated. There is an instinct of knowledge, self-preservation instinct does not disappear. Up to 18th century, the form of the Aryan race woman did not differ from the form of a man, which the multiple mummified remains are talking about. In fact, the image of a woman was created by parasites from scratch. LGBT is a parody and a pathetic imitation of the Alvov, accompanied by alien concepts of false urgency, debilization, weakness, appropriateness. At the level of Ether-Consciousness, beauty has difficulty, at the level of the material world, beauty has functionality. None of the successful biological form of Midgard has no clear external sexual differentiation. This species is doomed to extinct, which happens, is not capable of magic. There are the following real and imaginary subjects on the issue of ownership of the subject of the conflict - a beautiful form of basic consciousness: 1 of the basic consciousness 2 of the provision of 3 morgots. Promotivity is imaginary subjects and do not play any role. 99% of Midgard's population are not awareness, but only Morgoth programs, they are not interested in anyone. They will be erased. The method of conflict is the effect on the consciousness of observers through propaganda. Can't long exist such a mode of sex relationships, where a man depends on sex as an attraction of opposites, that is, recognizes its form simple, and the woman dominates with the help of a complicated form over those who are really stronger and more intellectual. Both are incapable of magic. The presence of beautiful forms of both sexes is self-sexuality, calm consciousness, sex goes only as an attraction of similarities that there is long-term, nebarity. Countermeasures - 1 understanding by the observer of its self-recognition as consciousness 2 prescribing self-accurateness and odds of consciousness of the observer from the moment between the old and current embodiment (Bardo) 3 disclosure of this information making it in the field of awareness, information field 4 insulation of Midgard women by inattentive observer 5 attribution of the CFS for 6 removal of KFS it with women 6 giving 99% of the population Morgoth's program status. 2 Elimination of Midgard Science Infor The subject of the conflict is to know. "Scientists" - parasites assigned to themselves. Countermeasures are similar to women, but KFS is changing to the all-knowing. Midgard's karmic permissibility The liberation of billions of animals of animals from the Middgard's oppression in terms of karma is much more important than the preservation of parasitic and meaningless humanity. What is at least the bottom of daily chickens and his excuse. Such a gadyushnik cannot be justified. Simplification of thinking and symbols of Tolkien. Varism and its distortion. From the correspondence of Tolkien, it can be concluded that it was familiar with part of the works of Max Muller, which is unknown to the general public for various reasons. Tolkien was also familiar with those elements of the sameness, which became widely known only during the Internet. The degeneration of knowledge and consciousness in Tolkien is expressed by refund on the fact that everything written is the interpretation of people that Alvi said them. Tolkien complained that he could not reveal all his vision of the past due to religious fanatics, and should be resorted to symbols and metaphors in the Middle Ages. For example, at the time of the death of Tolkien in Northern Ireland, there was a war on the Avraamic religious ground. For Ariius, the abstract worldview is natural, complex thinking, the ability to distinguish the main and secondary, to conduct reasoning to the end with thousands of elements in the chain of reasoning, and not simplification in the form of theism and personal God-tyrana. Especially in its most simplified non-Russian forms - Abrahamic slave religions with binarism of thinking. Using the language of Tolkien, the Morgot Agent (Mary) can be called conditional rewritten Christians "Aristotle". It is on the "Aristotelian" (binary) logic relies with Christianity. Binary consciousness prevents the perception of three and more states of any phenomenon at the entrance to consciousness, and prescribes only one state at the exit of consciousness. This applies to any mental operation. In addition, it packs different information into one output package, resulting in chimeras, for example, dragons and forcibly simplifies complex. From here there is a Christian scoomium in the form of a binary choice "from God or from the Devil." The activities of the conditional Sauron are nothing compared to the Christian Church: fires of the Inquisition, the destruction of books, monuments of Aryan civilization, braking progress. Islam destroyed the University of Nalandes in India and Buddha statues in Afghanistan. If the Greeks have already had toys for children on a steam engine, and only economic entry prevented their introduction, then during the Christianity of progress was not at all. The body of man and illness was not studied, the opening of the RUPs was banned, there was an antisanitation circle, and the planet was definitely flat, etc. Medieval plague is a direct wine of Christianity. She claimed to 2/3 of the Aryan population of Europe. Is it not the meaning of the adoption of Christianity? Signs of slavery in Abrahamian religions: 1 Formation of a tolerant attitude to the word Slave with the principal reluctance of refusal. Sheep houses of Israel (GIO) - Sheep is a property and payment of the 2 bet on faith, that is, a unreasonable acceptance of facts, for the purposes of parasitic management, instead of a bet on evidence 3, the denial of rationality and knowledge. "Knowledge will increase the grief." Burning books and recent plane land. For comparison, the Buddha offered to check his words, and not believe the word. 4 Bet for fear of life. Inquisition. 5 Bet for fear after death. Hell. 6 Disprizesimity is offense and punishment. Eternal flour in hell. 7 Full discrepancy with reality. For example, flat land. For comparison, the land round is a round, there are atoms, multiverse, etc. 8 Easy and binarimsm. God and the devil. 9 Masochism. The slave should not receive pleasure from life. 10 Bet on the unattainable future. Paradise. Deception, not to give resources here and now. 11 West power. "Any power from God (Yahweh)." 12 Anti-detective. It is significant that the ultimate consciousness considers a miracle in India carved temples like Kajuraho, and an infestation element of the Taj Mahal. Signs of noble race: 1 Intellect 2 Ability to magic 3 External beauty 4 Achievements of material and intangible in culture. Intangible residues of elven culture is a Varism. Vedic culture has a full description of the world, which is based on rationality and experience. It relies on the worldview, assuming that the consciousness (observer) is the self-satisfaction and the root cause of all phenomena, and it means that it is possible to manage the phenomena as a consequence. The observer does not have a different owner besides him. With regard to the southern, Indian Vediasis, there are two main approaches that describe why the Vedia is called Varism: 1 Since Vedia contains a description of the world, which relies on evidence and rational arguments of 2 knowledge-revelations, these gods. The same object can be considered 1 as a certain initial principle 2 as a reasonable creature. The second approach when simplifying thinking begins to describe the initial reality as a primitive God-personality, which is a matter of the most insignificant aspects of human life. This is the manifestation of infantilism and inability to abstract, complex thinking. It is clear that today Southern Varism won such positions in the West because of the first approach, as the reduction of superscons to the God-Tiran (Yahweh) is not interested in anyone. For many researchers, the periods of Indian philosophy are divided into the Vedic, classical and period of Hinduism. Ideas of Karma, Maya, Moksha, etc., according to this approach, develop already in the classical period: from simple to complex. According to another approach, these concepts emerged earlier than those Vedas who describe the human gods. The main source of Vedic Concepts are not the Vedas themselves, but Upanishads. The classic period can be called Upanishadsky. Then, according to the second approach, the chronology of Indian philosophy is as follows: 1 Upanishad (abstract) 2 Vedisy in the sense that the texts describe the gods 3 of the Hinduism. In the records belonging to Sankhya's school (not to be confused with the school of Tibetan Buddhism), this approach is developing dated 14 centuries: from the abstract principle, the thought was to simplify, that is, the human gods. It turns out that when Aria came to India, about 3000 - 4000 years ago, they had an abstract level of the description of the universe. This concept reported to them the old Alvi before the final departure. The legacy of the Alvov lasted in a constant form of about 2,000 years, was brought in India, and then it was partly simplified as it happened in Europe. The term in 2000 coincides with the information entropy of any ideas in history. A number of details of the Arievic worldware says that they were collected during the technological civilization. For example, some descriptions of aircraft belong to the use of only real level, and identical to airplanes and helicopters. Others are already based on tehnology - Vimana. Tolkina in drafts can be read about rockets in Numen. If the magic flashes are flashed physiologically, then people (in Tolkien people are only three noble tribes) it is necessary to specifically support its exercises and social tools. Social tools include a ban on the study of Veda Nararii and a ban on mixing with them. Naaria in India was recorded in the narrate castes. These are the most leaflets at Rowling. In the early records of Buddhist philosophers, the same story is reproduced, and Buddhism Positioned by them as restoring the knowledge of Arii to its simplification. In Greek Buddhism, some authors pointed out that Buddhism is the restoration of knowledge that got from some "older parents", that is, the Alvov. In all the auction traditions, that is, not recognizing the authority of the Vedas, you can trace the same claims. The provision is quite often in the opinion of some researchers, we reduce the monizum - first-being. Traces of monism remained in Greek and northern mythologies. Such gods as the northern God of IMIR or the Ellinsky god Kronos come from Ginnungapa (Rus. Zong) and chaos corresponded, that is, the Ether-Consciousness. Other evidence is the "Buddha Viking" in the lotus position, which is not found in one, but in dozens of copies. Moreover, in both cultures there are simultaneous perception of these principles as conventions (as consciousness) and as material objects - substances. The development of MONISM was actively engaged in ancient Greek philosophers, however, the idea and identity of the first-exclusion of consciousness after the editors of Christianizers for a long time was lost. In the 19th century it was believed that the averaged representations of Plato, Aristotle, Xenocrat and a number of other Greek philosophers said that the stars consist of a substance that differs from four elements. According to these ideas, the stars consist of a fifth element - ether. This substance influenced the psyche of man, and the spirit consisted of it. Such a view is presented in the translations of Wilhelm Murbeksky, which is considered to be direct access to the sources of Greek philosophers when the plunder of Constantinople. After his death, Henry Beit argued that some of the texts were simply invented, and some of the sources were subjected to intentional distortion at the direction of the Church. For example, there were problems with translations in medicine and engineering, so some of them had a mention of the astral. In addition, Christians actively developed the idea of ​​four elements that had nothing to do with the aggregate states of the substance. They applied the same approach with regard to Indian views with their translation. This model of fine distortion works much better than a direct ban or destruction of primary sources. All primary sources are not destroyed. Transfers Ficino suggest that the Greeks believed that the substance consists of four forms that are identical to the current aggregate standing. An example was brought with a metal that could have solid, liquid, gaseous (evaporation), and smelting luminosity was understood as the fourth state - dark lover (plasma). Stars and spirit in this approach consist of plasma, and not the ether, which generates a plasma, but it is neutral to substance. An example of the edge of the candle fire, the lights of the stars and spirit is also given. According to many researchers, the true teachings of prominent Greek philosophers could be replaced, and their works are attributed to the so-called pseudo-philosopams. For example, a pseudo-Aristotle and Pseudo-Platon are known. The German historian Mannhardt believed that only 30% of the ancient Greek thought came unchanged to modern day. "If we are talking about the history of early Greek philosophy, about the overall course of its development, about its character, subject, methods - yes, it should be rewritten. First of all, to abandon the false category of "Church" and pass it into the archive of science after Flogiston and Aristotelian ether. Return to a clear antique separation of two relatively independent (although interacting) traditions of Ionian naturalism and Italian spiritualism (idealism, mentalism). Recognize the authenticity of the ancient tradition about Pythagoreism Parmenide and Zenon, to understand that "what is there is" in the first part of Parmenide's poem is the cryptotheological concept of a superfluctural divine reality ("the invisible sun of the truth"), and Aletia itself is a practical manual for spiritual exercises of the Pythagorean Warrior and an ideal law-abiding citizen, to achieve atraxia (analogue of enlightenment), elimination of passion and fear. " Reducing the ALVS to the size of insects is the fear of a flawed psyche before the magnitude of the Alvov and the ability to achieve the same greatness. That is, a typical decrease in a certain problem. This can also include modern nonsense about Alvach, which has no connection with reality. Christians depicted a devil with sharp ears. UFO aliens often have pointed ears. In this case, the extraction of information from the universe of Alva at the mere consciousness is distorted image Alva due to fear of the ego before the emptiness of knowledge (self-causality), which Alva know well. Odinism says about 9 worlds. However, in Iceland, in some sources say all of the 3 worlds: Alvheym, Olheym (Midgard) and Jotunheim. This state of consciousness in terms of complexity: knowing Self-causality of consciousness, people and people, animals. On Midgard according Haushofer need to understand the world where there is an observer at the moment. That is, for Alva Alvheym - Midgard, too, and there are even more complex worlds. Jotun is creating a level of intelligence gorilla - snow people. Science does not hide, but does not endorse the so-called monkey Billy - a possible product of mixing of two different species, gorillas and chimpanzees. In Mahayana cosmogony has 6 worlds. They often relate to the chakras, that is, the complexity of consciousness. In 1728, in Copenhagen, there was a fire, which burned a large part of the archives of pagan Nordic culture. According to historians the archives contained references to meditation, the Scandinavians and the model type of consciousness - ether. Eye, which gave one of the magical knowledge, there are closing one eye to activate temnosvetnogo (plasma) perception. Magical phenomena taking place in Tibet and Nepal today are similar to those described by Tolkien, and that means are available to the observer by a complication of consciousness. In India and in Asia in general European history repeated itself when Vedism became simplified, and prostosoznatelny element began to believe that the source of magic is not consciousness, and some items. These simplifications coexist with normal, abstract interpretation. For example a ring on his finger, which in the minds of Brahmin symbolized Self-causality of consciousness in the minds of nebramina has already turned into a ring on his finger, which somehow makes it invisible. But the Brahmin became invisible not because of the ring, and of understanding the nature of consciousness and the world. According to Blavatsky passage in the Upanishads, where it is said that the gods fed the people means that the higher Ego reaps his earthly experience through the lower. But just the conscious element is still be gods, that someone eat. Silmarils - a crystal, which schematically explains the Self-causality of consciousness. They "emit" light of knowledge in this sense. Such metaphors are used today in the Tibetan Dzogchen practice. In addition, the crystal ball is visually similar to temnosvet (plasma) and may include a mode of perception. They also include the so-called artfully made "magic" mirror of China, which showed dense image when luminous flux. Here, too, can join the perception temnosveta mode, and may not be involved. There are numerous monuments in Ireland, Russia, Scandinavia, which have image circles - a symbol of self-causality and temnosveta. In the Aryan languages, the magic word is often denoted by a circle, for example, in the Slavic Cold vstvo. Often there are stories about the "witches rings": it is believed that in these places the elves or forest spirits at night lead dances. There are many legends in different people about how the elves offered to mortals start their dance and take part in the dance. At the same time, if a person is refused, the vengeful elves sends him a terrible disease and unhappiness. Troy is in the territory of the country Lydia. Here a shepherd and then king of this country found a ring that makes him invisible medium. Gig found it in a cave where lay a large skeleton. According to some data we can talk about the growth of three meters, and the other a normal by today's standards an increase of about 1.9 meters, which at that time seemed gigantic, especially for the Mediterranean region. Gig removed it from the skeletal finger, and then found that it makes the media invisible. This is one of Tolkien's sources. This ring was not one. In ancient Greece, describes so-called transparent or invisible ring. As it turned out they were made by analogy with copper transparent mirrors China, which you can buy today. The technology consists in that the surface Metal is engraved by signs, then covered with amalgam, which is polished to the brilliance. Engraving under it is invisible, but it is reflected in a special way with a dense light stream. According to the descriptions, some people could become invisible, putting on such a ring, and others are not. This was explained by moral qualities. The actual reason may be the fact that a simple consciousness that does not know the technology of manufacturing such a ring, it can cause a changed state of consciousness when it begins to perceive the world in the temperature (plasma), and the body becomes invisible. Alva could distribute the rings for those who, with the understanding of the nature of things for overcoming too much dependence on the real level, the principle of "what I see is." The most skillfully performed ring had an inscription on the length of the entire rings. Some of them are stored in England and could become prototypes for Tolkien. The influence chain of the gendalf on the door in Moria is as follows: dark lover (plasma) of gendalf - uh - field - metal - metal glow. It is known that radioactive metals themselves are glowing in the dark. Metal Moria Gate is made on the basis of a certain myfril, which was used in the armor, wider this semantics of hostilities. Radioactive uranium glows in the dark, its ore glows in Ultraviolet and EM-Field, although ultraviolet and there is a part of the EM field. Uranium is used in the form of cores in combat shells, as it has a density three times higher than that of steel. At the same time, neradoactive tungsten also glows into the EM field (a well-known light bulb) and can also be used as a projectile cores. There are two types of luminescence: 1 The glow begins immediately and lasts only in the period during the exposure of the EM field - photoluminescence 2 The glow begins late starting the effect of the EM field and continues for some time - fluorescence. An example of a second mineral - fluorite. Gendalf had a crystal on the staff, which started glowing as a result of the chain dark lover (plasma) of Gendalf - EM - Field - Crystal - Crystal Glow. At the beginning of the 20th century, England was found decorations, patterns on which could be made from uranium. Some of them had a spiral symbol. In any case, as with the "magic" mirrors of the European, the luminous uranium in the altered state of consciousness may not be introduced. Although there is a phenomenon of measurement in the north of Eurasia, when people enter the ISS under the influence of radiation. But here, as it turned out, this happens not in 100% of cases. The subject is magical until the observer believes that it is so. At that moment, when the subject ceases to be such, then all the magic disappears. It is known that Jung believed that magic exists and is called synchroniron. He also conducted a correspondence to guy physicists. Syncronia occurs during neurosis, and neuroses there is a provision of something as infinitely strong, which cannot be overcome. That is, it is about the fact that the observer is putting infinity to the phenomenon. Due to the very high concepts and intersection of their information volume, infinity is self-recognition. By virtue of the same principle, dark lover (attention to the illumination of the room, and not the shape and colors of its objects, plasma) = infinity = self-recognition. So far that is not true, just a conscious observer believes that there is a plasma that fled it is a plasma = infinity = self-recognition, then he can do magic with his help, and when he becomes the law of nature, then the infinity of him is an informative observer disconnects, although he is not knows Therefore, the transcendent observer of the 13th century could materialize a glass, having a ring with a luminous inscription, and the transcendent observer in the 20th century could no longer, since this subject is not endless for him. And the awakened observer and in the 13th and in the 20th century could materialize a glass without any rings, since the source of magic is consciousness. Therefore, some psychics magic operate only in 50% of cases, and a mood is important. If there are skeptics that knock down the observer, then the magic will not. Ancient Greeks knew that stars, fire and the same substance consist of stars consciousness. They could only receive such information from civilization, which has already accumulated experimental data. This is evidenced by the fact of plasma name - Astrall. Later, Christian intentional distortion consists of 1 in the violation of the hierarchy of substances of the ether - plasma (where the fields include, including the EM-Field), the substance, with the population of plasma 2, not mentioning the plasma. The same thing was done by relativists when they wanted to remove the ether and not recognize quantum laws at all. Later they recognized quantum laws, but did not recognize their action in Macromir. This is an endless to anyone an unnecessary trading shop. Christians also removed all the practices of the ancient Greeks, which are identical to Eastern meditation. However, the descriptions are preserved according to which the Scandinavians were engaged in meditations, that is, self-knowledge. In Greece, there was a meditation, which was called the epoch. Now Epoche is the principle of reasoning in philosophy, which means the suspension of all metaphysical statements - judgments about the existence of the subject outside the perceiving of his consciousness. The term first meets Aristotle and gets further development of Pyrrhon. However, Roman historians argue that it was also the practice of self-pressing in the dark place - retreat meditation. It is believed that such a phenomenon as Greco-Buddhism arose at the beginning of our era. However, atlaskrit believed that the teaching like Buddhism existed in Greece a few thousand years before the similar ideas came from India. This is the essence of Greek Hellenism, that is, Elfism. If the plasma body was comprehended through meditation in India, then the Greeks who considered themselves the heirs of the Alvov were the same. Ancient Indians also knew about plasma. Swami Vivekananda argued that Max Muller was forced to remove all the mention of the Indian substance model, as well as the concept of an equivalent plasma, which in India was also indicated by the word derived from stars. Higher practices of yogis in India are some of the image perception, for example, streets only as illumination (darkness, plasma). At the same time, for some reason, references to atoms, vimans, the roundness of the planet, multi-dealed, etc. Another version states that Muller was based on censorship templates that William Jones laid before him. Jones got acquainted with the Indian concept of Montizm and Consciousness, but removed them by order of the Christian church. It caused damage to India itself, as modern Indian scientists refer to the works of European scientists. In addition, the Abrahamic religions assigned monotheism by eating it, so real monotheism is an understanding of the consciousness of its uniqueness as a sound, the secondaryness of everything observed in relation to it. The overall high level of knowledge, extremely high levels of private knowledge, a high level of thinking in Greeks and Hindus does not correspond to the simple level of knowledge on substances, which is declared by the official history. Alvheim is Sansara from which it is not necessary to run away, hybrid Sansary and emptiness (self-recognition of consciousness). Submission of Sansary in the opinion of some researchers was devoted to the Northern Variam, which is not in South. In idiot as residual Vediamma, different worlds (variants of the multiverse in terms of complexity and at the same time, options for consciousness in terms of complexity) are associated with a certain world tree. That is, worlds are connected by ether consciousness, whose symbol of the neuron tree. A separate way to travel is a rainbow bridge - the realization of the iris, that is, the exit to the temperature (plasma, astral) as a result of complication of consciousness. Runes may designate a symbolic scheme for implementing this. A typical modern example of pseududism is numerous fantasy with binary flawed division on good and evil. For example, Izzled with a bright and dark side of force that there is an explicit attempt on the indivisible temperature (plasma), where there are also plasma swords - indirect recognition of the role of plasma and the impossibility of ownership of it without recognizing the role of the observer. There is no good and evil. There is an empathy as an american and compassion arising from empathy, but it is non-parasitic. If the one who needs help does not want to develop - he is left alone. If he deliberately interferes - remove. That There is knowledge and ignorance, the reason and consequence, which is what the worldview is in the matrix. Thus, the mention of the darkness (plasma) in the Greek philosophy of Christians was seized by 1 inappropriate meditation on the temperature (plasma) 2 violation of the hierarchy of the substance of the ether - plasma (where the fields include the fields, including the EM-Field) - the substance, with the population of plasma 3 False entities are elements. At the same time, the blurred understanding of the Greeks came to us, which is at the heart of the Spirit and Stars lies the same substance - plasma. The illumination of the Indian Vedia was done the same. Sanskrit in Tolkina Language of southern Vedasma - Sanskrit. This language was interested in all philologists, including Tolkien. Iluvutar - Dramet Avatar (Plasma), Lambengolmore - Langrim, Namo Mandos - Mantra Ohm Namo Bhagavat Vasudeva, Dakhanivishtil-Gong (name Tanikvetyl in Feanor) - Dhyanavishnugana - 1st place, where Vishnu is meditated 2 place, where the sun is constantly, if called Vishnu Understand the solar bird crossing the Earth. Then it may be referred to in mind the former North Pole, that is, a coincidence with the Mountain measure (Mandara, for example Gunbjern) in Greenland, and where there is a polar day. In Greenland, there are mountain pyramids - from here "Crystal Towers", that is, the coating of ice and snow. Trees By virtue of the concept of system theory - fractality, the same phenomenon exist at many levels. Two trees - the relationship between minimal parts of consciousness - neurons, logical elements. From here Vajra, which is found in many of the gods: Indra, Zeus, Odin, etc. Two white wood symbolize two neurons that skip the signals, and therefore glow. However, no less dried tree of the Gondora has a real prototype. This is a reference to dry (lonely) wood that described the traveler Marco Polo. It is also described in the "Travels" of Sergey John Mandeville. Marko Polo describes a dry tree as having a white bark, the leaves, which are green on one side, and on the other white. A plan falls under this description. Platan often has a white bark, for example, Platan East (Chinara) and green - white colors from different sides of the sheet. The essence of the plane as other pseudo-sliced ​​items is that at night he can introduce an observer into a state of consciousness, where the mode of perception of the darkness is activated, since the color of the plane is similar to it. The plasma creates a plane, but only the consciousness of the observer. The same phenomenon is observed in May-June, when the seeds of dandelions, poplars, etc. are observed. About 20% of these objects in the foul of plants are not, and are plasmoids or their polymeric residues. However, the span of the seed of the dandelion provokes consciousness to activate the plasma regime. There is a feedback here. Irish legends say that Platan is the habitat of "Phoenix birds", that is, plasmoids. There are English sketch of 1340, depicting Alexander the Great near the are of the Sun and the Moon. There is a Ruan image of 1444, which depicts the tree of the Sun and the Moon, as well as a dried tree with a Phoenix bird sitting on it. Both images transmit features characteristic plane. Plasmoids were often designated as Phoenix bird, which leaves feathers - polymer threads, which are formed when the ball lightning is passed through atmospheric gases. Similarly, the industry today receives a number of polymers. In a number of sources of the Pali Canon, the Buddha reached enlightenment not under the sacred ficus, but under a plane number, which before the birth of the Buddha was brought from the north. The tree is described as having a white boron, the leaves are green on the one hand, and white on the other. Platan is also considered a Vishnu tree. In Egypt, Platan was a symbol of the goddess of the sky, which had the symbols of the sun and the moon: consciousness and subconscious. In the hermetic fence, the symbol of the neuron, and the two trees establishing links between neurons long before the emergence of the term neuron in the West. Platanes are also symbols of Apollo and Hercules. On Icelandic sources of the tree of the world, Igdrasil had a white bark. Lympe Tolkina Lympa drink drink and become an alv. This story is similar to the smelling of Amitra in Hinduism. This is a kind of milk drink. We are talking about comprehension by the observer of the volatility of all things, which is accompanied by the activation of the perception of the darkness, that is, the plasma level of consciousness (astral). With its dense manifestation, it really looks like milk. Its parts are a crucible (phosphate), completely banal bright dots visible through the eyes at night. Valinor - America or Greenland Under Valinor, a number of researchers understand or North America, or Greenland. Greenland has more reasons to be considered Valinor than America. Her relief under the snow coincides with Aman: all over the perimeter of the island of the Mountain - this can be viewed on the Internet at the request of Greenland without a glacier. And she really became hidden in some sense - snow. In addition, Tol-Eresa is understood by Iceland, who, together with Greenland, was called Tula. The tribe of Eskimos in Greenland is called Tula. Tol is 1 or an island 2 or Tula, and Eresaa is formed by shifting -r on-in and permutation of letters from Iceland. Tula is mysterious for antiquity and middle ages, the unattainable island described by the Greeks. In Greenland, the old North Pole and Mount Merre (Tanikvetyl) was located, that is, an important point of the world, which, when reading this information, could not be interpreted by a simple consciousness differently as the highest mountain: because something is significant, then for a simple consciousness it Mountain, king, etc. The land axis is a significant phenomenon, which means that there stands in its place. Greenland, together with the Bermuda Triangle, is the strongest abnormal zone on Earth. Greenland was combined with a curtail with the British Islands (Helobrarakse - the experiencing, according to which conditioned quantities were held). The ancient Tibetan tradition (Bon's tradition) says that: "White Island (Greenland) is the only terrain that avoided the common fate of all the continents after the catastrophe. It cannot be destroyed either with water, nor fire, for he is eternal earth." The ancient Indian epic "Mahabharata" says: "In the north of the Milk Sea (Ice Ocean), there is a large island, known as the Swip of Moviz ... - Country of Blessed, there PUP - the center of the world, around which the sun, the moon and stars rotate. The plane of the northern wall of Kailas looks not to the north, but has a deviation equal to 15 ° west of the northern direction. But, if in ancient times the northern wall looked at the measure, then lowering the perpendicular to the plane of the "reflector" and, extending it in the northern direction, we arrive at the territory of Greenland (the Great White Island). In Brahmansky clarifications, it is reported that two artificial trees were installed on the island as symbols of allocations, and the residents flew in the viman. According to the study of English scientists, Greenland over the past 15,000 years could be covered with a glacier several times, and after that it is cleaned. Pliny: "For these mountains, on the side of Aqualon (approx. - For Iceland, Tol-Erey), the happy people ... which is called hyperborers, reaches very old years and glorified by wonderful legends ... The sun shines there for six months (polar day), And this is only one day when the sun is not hidden ... from the spring equinox to Autumn, the luminaries go there only once a year at the summer solstice, and they only come in winter ... This country is all in the sun, with a fertile climate and devoid of any harmful wind. Houses for these residents are groves, forests. Death comes there only on the suggestion of life ... You can not doubt the existence of this nation ... "Pliny:" The people of this high, are still beautiful and staithe. And there are also features: ears like a wolf, the legs are long and widely the base of them, the sidelines' eyes ... "Pindar:" Neither climb nor nobody forced the wonderful path to the gyperbeda. " Anaximen: "The mainland of this from the heraklovy pillars lies in 70 - 80 days of swimming north. But only the one whom will miss. " This is equivalent to swimming from the shores of Spain to Greenland in ancient ship. "... People live in their homes with a large territory. There are many pyramids and is unclear how they are made. At night there are two giant cypress. All the sky is highlighted by them, and this light is visible for a large distance from this wonderful land. " The pyramids in Greenland are and can be viewed on the Internet. Kiparisa - 1 Some Matobjects 2 Polar Lights. Greenland is one of the places on earth, where people are most often disappeared. The Government of Denmark is trying in every way to hide this information. Apollo attended his distant homeland every 19 years - Hyperboreu on a chariot, harmful swans (Vimana with plasma). Tolkina Galadriel floats on the boat-swan. Next to Greenland is the island of Elasmir. Silmarrylion speaks of heavenly swan with swan, that is, as in Indian epic, the "gods" of hyperbores moved on aircraft. Here is a fairy tale "Gus-Swans". American scientists concluded that in the coming years, Greenland can completely lose the glacial cover. At the same time, English scientists believe that Doggerland can be climbed on the surface above the sea level in the coming years. That is, Valinor and Belerind will be available to the physical inspection. In Tolkin, you can see the fanport. Mithrandire. Known Aryan God Mithra. Hygin wrote that Mithra came during the formation of Egypt from Hyperborea. He saw his task in unification of people for some purpose. One of the interpretations named after Mitra is friendship. In some Scandinavian sources, one and his grandfather IMIR mixed up. Imira himself is called Metro. Morgot Mara - Valimar talk about evil as ignorance taking place in the same consciousness. Belgrade - Minas Tyrit. Coincidence by name and territory, if we consider the territory of England per Shir, and the Moscow region for the Principality of Transduil. Then the mordor is P-shaped Carpathians. The initial name Belgrade Celtic Singidunum, where - Sing - Circle, - Dun - Fortress, that is, a round fortress. Inhabited by sinders - prototype of Sindarov. There is also a plane alley - a white meditative tree. Then the remnants of the Gondora was Greece, which called himself an ellose, and the people of Hellen. Eregion - Hungary. In the north eastern part there is a place of mining of uranium - Moria. Tanikvetyl In this approach, the Earth's energy point, such as the former North Pole in Greenland, can be understood in this approach. In a simple consciousness, such a place is a necessarily mountain. Mahabharata mentions that in the north there is the island of Svet Moviz (literally a light island), and in other versions of Dhani Svet, where some blissful people live. Tolkien as a philologist was engaged in phoned shifts in the names. Dhani Svet is easily turning into a tanicvetyl. Dha on Sanskrit - put, pull, that is, the stop. The center of the island is a mountain of mode, which is the center of the world. In Brahmansky interpretations, the real existence of the mountain measure is recognized, however, it is indicated that it does not represent anything special. This mountain is not very high, the gods do not live on it, and it is not right

At the point of rotation of the Earth, but not far from it. Another point of view says that the measure of one of the regions of this country is still. A more accurate name of the mountain - Mandara. Other significant vertices of the region are listed: Sachya, Shuktukybam, Mahendra, Malaya, Rickshabam, Paryatra and Windhya. Mount Gunbrian in Greenland may well be a measure - Tanikvetyl. Tolkina is the highest mountain, like the mountain mode in a number of Indian works. "For thirty-three thousand Yojan (spread) Golden Mount Mere, Queen Mountains. Here (located) gardens of the gods. " That is, approximately 4 million kilometers. This is a point after which the minimum registered gravity of the Earth falls. From the pole of the Earth, one of the power lines going straight. Annex 1 Interpretation of Tolkien characters Era Iluvator - Ether - Plasma. From here the Illuminati, that is, the luminaries. Iluvatar - Avatar Plasma. Light from bodies of alvov. The body can really glow plasma, which can be seen in some photos. Do not wait for a very bright glow, as it will not exceed the luminosity of stars. In cities it is not visible due to light pollution, like the stars themselves. Sign of Alva - possession of magic, including the ownership associated with this vision, that is, plasma. Here, the expressions "reach their hands to the stars", that is, to the plasma, make a desire for a falling star, that is, originally a ball lightning, which is plasma. Era Illuvator as a personality is a simplified version of bringing information to a simple consciousness. 2 Ainur Music - Life in Alvheim. Valar Tree Fractal Down: 1 Neurons or Logic Elements of Ether Consciousness 2 The ability to see the plasma of trees (Elma lights, corona discharge), including the giant sequel 3, monument trees in Greenland or Alvheim. Flame of the Illuvator - 1 Self-exchanging = Infinity 2 Templocoons (plasma) Categories unpaired by the parasitic simplicity of morgot levels. Valinor - Alvheim, Mediterranean - Olheim (Midgard). These are two different states of consciousness, characterized by complexity. Accordingly, these are two different variants of the multivalented largely with the distinguished laws of physics. "For not the land of Manvel gives immortality to its inhabitants, but those who live in it are immortal consecrate (they are mounted due to the complexity of consciousness, a deep understanding of the world)." The impossibility of staying a simple consciousness in Valinor is the literal inability to endure a simple consciousness of complex information that is inseparable from energy. "And you just would soon fit and burned down like a moth in the all-living flame." Numen's campaign to Valinor - attempts to penetrate Alvheim without complication of consciousness. Speaks about simplifying consciousness, and a consequently more problematic world, which such consciousness begins to collect around him, including the catastrophe. Simplicity -Hell stealing. Melkor, Morgot - Mara, the spirit of ignorant. Midgard and simple consciousness in general are peculiar. This is an egregor of ordinary consciousness, a synergistic combination of ordinary consciousness. Always interferes with an individual understanding of self-recognition (enlightenment) is quite physically here and now in the form of all stupid freaks, situations that should distract the observer. Melkor's distortion is the main tool of Melkor. To counteract, it is necessary to be able to distinguish between the true and conditionally false information. Distortion is one of the key Vedic categories appealing to rational thinking, provability, a solid picture of the world. Awakening is an understanding of all causal relationships of the Universe. Understanding Such concepts as infinity and self-recognition of consciousness. Lake Kui. Fractal concept. Lake awakening - ether, which is similar to water. Geographically - Lake Svetloyar. Elf - Arias who have reached awakening. Earendil - Venus, Lucifer, Prometheus, that is, the carrier knowledge. The doctrine is the light, and the failure is dark, that is, twig. Valars - the subsystems of the Alvhaim planetary consciousness, but not Midgard. Alva Consciousness can really communicate both with planetary consciousness as a whole and individual subsystems. Manve - 1 Information 2 Air Alvhaima. Elbert - 1 plasma as such 2 Alvheim air plasma. Silmarillas - decoration-reminders of the self-recognition of consciousness and darkness. Hike elves in Valina - awakening. Straight Path to West - 1 Awakening 2 Geographically anomaly Bermuda Triangle - Greenland. Noldor departure from Valinor - the desire of the part of old elves to be some time in Midgard due to old affection. That is, this simplification of consciousness, which has already reached a complex level. Carries inevitable problems - the curse of Mandos. At the same time, the collective egregor of ordinary consciousness is Melkor Olheim (Midgard) will try to squeeze the elves in Alvhaim. In this sense, Melkor in Midgard never disappeared. Melkore was conventionally expelled outside the Alvhaim, where he could get temporarily until the newly freezed alves hung between two versions of reality. Prototype: "Someone, Ogigiya, is far away in the sea ... and three other islands that are from it and from each other at an equal distance lie on. On one of them, according to the stories of local residents, Zeus sharpened Kronos, and next to the oldest briaria, which carries the guard, guarding the islands and the sea, referred to as the Sea of ​​Kronos. Great Mainland, the ring surrounding the Great Sea is not far from other islands. " The Battle of Belerianda is the most key clashes dependent in Midgard Alvov with the spirit of ignorance. Morgot Mara is not interested in the elves elphiized by some other number of arions. Belerind Geographically - Doggerland. The countries of the elves in the Mediterranean are the settlements of the Alves of the period in Midgard, or the place of transition to Midgard. If the Alvi lived some time among Arievs, they lived apart and perceived as gods. These places were isolated from ordinary consciousness magic. Beren and Luteien fractally down 1 The ability of the Aria to become an alv of 2 infusion of blood alone in Ariyev, which is useful to many generations later and with the result that now part of Ariyev can become Alvami 3 quite a real story in which some elf and Aria seized from a wild tribe (orcs , very simple consciousness). Silmarill is a reminder of the elves and then published it among Arius for their training. In this sense, the morgot caused damage. For elf, it was a simple story, for the aria is complex, because he did not own magic. It can be seen that today her genus was not interrupted. Torus, Turin is an element to attract the attention of a simple consciousness. Typical combat sagas. Turin is awareness due to nonsense. Sauron - 1 The aspect of the morgot, the private element of nonsense 2 conflict ("war of the gods") of the elves remaining in Olheim (Midgard) about the policy of not \\ intervention in the affairs of the Aryev Europe. Training Alvami Ariyev is an attempt to reach part of the Arius as a state of consciousness before the Alvov. Faanora Star - 8 Eltimate Star, which means chaos, as 4 The ultimate star in Midgard means order. Chaos = uncertainty = infinity = self-recognition due to the identity of abstract concepts. Dagora-Dagoratt occurs now, and maybe several thousand years. This is the maximum possible reproduction of falconstellation (distorted) information that Perhaps only in the information society, since the channels of its distribution are needed: media, Internet, etc. Angband - depression due to the north climate, when most of the year is cold. Sacrifice of Sauron Morgot in Numenore - Terractees, PE due to stupidity. MORDOR - 1 state of consciousness and reality from it 2 Geographically Midgard - Carpathians. Lot-Lorien - Geographically Midgard Kiev, Doriat - Geographically Bru-on-Boyne, Principality of Syndarov Tranduyl - Geographically Moscow, Dale - Geographically Petersburg (to Peter Til). Wise - understand all causal relationships, including invisible simple consciousness. "Do not climb wise. You will not understand, but you will not turn problems. " Magic cannot be studied by 50%, but only 100%. Dragon is a product of simple thinking. At the entrance to consciousness all two types of phenomenon are allocated and no more, and at all one at all. In addition, many phenomena at the entrance packs into one information package and hybrids arise - chimeras. Dragon - Reptile. Dinosaurs became birds, which 1 love shiny items 2 have a third eye for an orientation in a magnetic field 3. Able to speak 4 Able to let the plasmoids (orbs) that are able to set fire to things. The dragon comes from the snake, which symbolizes a long event, dangerous for a person, as well as a vicious circle. For example, a kidney disease that caused the lesion of the liver, and the lesion of the liver in turn, the new defeat of the kidneys in the Middle Ages was denoted by the dragon, initially a snake type of typoros. A simple consciousness packs in one pack of reptile, a bird and a dangerous phenomenon, as a result of which the dragon appears. Deficiency and limited magical artifacts (trees, sylmarilli, etc.) - reception to keep the attention of the simple consciousness. Appendix 2 dark lover = magic Tempecova (plasma, astral) = Magic (read and copy) Attention! Articles on Wikipedia are now quickly rewritten! The names of the articles will drive in search engines. Video on YouTube is marked by YouTube. Part of articles in foreign languages. Links sites are not skipped. 1 In 2016, about 2 billion dollars were allocated for the propaganda of Einstein theory, and 1 million dollars on quantum physics informing. For the formation of a common theory of the US Congress, in the 90s hired an independent group of scientists who came to the conclusions, which a group of victims voiced to them. Theses of the theory of ether were partially repeated, which were formulated at the end of the 19th century - the beginning of the 20th century in more than 60 scientific works. By 1920, they were all seized from libraries. That is, in the century, nothing has changed, and the picture of the world in this description is more or less established. For example, only the effects of the EM field are now used, but no quarks, leptons and another 3000 allegedly existing particles in everyday life can be seen. 1 "... The mention of the darkness (plasma) in the Greek philosophy of Christians was seized by 1 inappropriate meditation on dark lover (plasma) 2 violation of the hierarchy of substances of the ether - plasma (where the fields include the fields, including the EM field) - a substance, with plasma miscarriage 3 Creating false entities - Elements. At the same time, the blurred understanding of the Greeks came to us, which is at the heart of the Spirit and Stars lies the same substance - plasma. The illumination of the Indian Vedia was done the same. " 1 DERESS (plasma, statute. - Astral) projection. "Under plasma or Astral (Astra - a star, consisting of plasma) projection means the perception of the world in the mode of darkness, when it seems on the illumination of the room, and not forms and color - chairs, table, etc. The temperature (plasma) exists at the level of the ether itself, itself and at the level of the substance in the form of its 4 states. Plasma creates a substance. The electromagnetic field is part of the plasma, so any light is it. Tempecova is part of the observer consciousness. At the time of handling plasma, the observer is aware of the self-recognition of consciousness and all flowing from this effect can control the real level (magic). It was in this form that plasma information was given by the latest exhausting senior arias - Alvami younger about 6,000 years ago. " Appeal to Templochu implies an understanding of the illusion of the world, the possibility of all, the uniqueness of the observer as a manager of the surrounding reality. 1 Principles for the selection of information Carno (early 19th century), according to which the ban was imposed on the collection and generalization of information on paranormal effects. They determined the appearance of science for two centuries ahead (Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot) 1 false official science methods (instructions for combating official science collusion) 1 Multivalene travels are trying to imagine like hallucinations. Shadow Methods of CBB RAS RF (FALSE Commission on Combating Legguing RAS, official science never recognizes these facts. It has been proven that there were electricity in the pyramids) 1 END OF SCIENCE (book End of science, braking and slowing for scientific and technological progress) 1 attacks on quantum physics in the 20th century. Einstein - home icon of objectivists (Albert Einstein and quantum mechanics) 1 Experiments of Nikola Tesla - Crox Ulima. Plasma Active form of ether, existing simultaneously at the level of the ether, fields and substances, which generates a substance. Plasma behavior depends on the observer, which means there is its consciousness. (Nikola Tesla and Vedas, YouTube Tesla and Circle. Plasmoids. Ultraviolet Reasonable Essences. Forbidden experiments with mirrors) 1 In 2018, German scientists found out that 8 out of 10 videos on YouTube, where telecinez is shown, genuine. It is also found that neural networks in the processing of photographs in social networks specifically rub the orbs (phosphates, crucible), that is, a plasma. 1 Shutting the results of the Tesla from official science by taking attention towards technical devices. 1 Plasmoids are considered as particles. Electron - plasmoid. Star and black hole - plasmoids. There are black ball lightning - mni black holes. (Plasmoid Phenomena P. O. Box 13050 Chicago, Illinois 60613 March 8, 1995) 1 report group Vestiode, USA. Ball lightning are particles. The behavior of ball lightning - plasmoids depends on the observer. For example, they are observed alone, but there are no others. (YouTube Mikhail Gerstein. Geomantia, earthly lights and Ufology) 1 orches (plasmoids) (orby - plasmoid creatures, Orbs, plasmoids - paranormal plasmoid objects. ) 1 Detacheroidoids (plasmoids) can act with the causes of accidents and other accidents. Plasmoids and plasma are found in abnormal zones, that is, the locations of the energy of the Earth. Plasma is presented there as a Maevo, fog often green, lights (death road or abnormal roads on the roads) 1 The notion of the Etoplasma from the beginning of the 20th century (Etoplasm). Extoplasmable blow - the cause of death Helen Duncan. 1 "This is not the ether of the battlefield - this is our material world is an obstellite for Ether." N. Tesla. One gram of ether is much more energetic than gram of substance. At the same time, Poincare brought that mass = energy 1 The strong effect of the Bifeld - Brown (anti-gravity) is implemented only in the presence of plasma 1 There are about 40 experiments on plasma ether, which official science does not say (the facts proving the existence of the ester lattice) 1 Michelson-Morley experiment was carried out with violations that are described and ignored by official science 1 ball lightning killed a group of Dyatlov. All other explanations - eye removal (recognition of the nature of fiery balls, as the key to the mortgage of the death of the group Dyatlov) 1 There are about 400 (!) Hypotheses about ball lightning. Of course, most for the removal of the eyes (hypothesis about ball lightning Full list, what a ball lightning and where it takes) 1 Riddown of desires (magic, that is, the displacement between the Multi-Lesseed options) with a "falling star", that is, the plasma, "reach the hands to the stars", that is, before plasma. Alva (Ancient Aria) glowed by astral light, that is plasma (What is an ELF?) 1 2006 report on plasmoids in England. The behavior of plasmoids depends on the observer, in particular the behavior of pilots of aircraft. (YouTube - Mikhail Gerstein. Ball lightning, UFOs and atmospheric plasma) 1 Complaints that plasmoids may worsen well-being or killing (Plasmoid is part of the psyche of the person himself, but the control is not established above it) (Orbs or Plasmoids) 1 Ghosts are dark lover (plasma), the projection of the observer consciousness on him itself (the moving ghost or plasmoid was filmed on Astrakhan Street) 1 Bird Phoenix - Ball Lightning. Feathers Phoenix birds are polymeric formations after ball lightning. So-called angel hair. (Hair Angel, Gloomy Mystery Heaven?) 1 astral. Comes from the word Star, which is plasma. In yoga, a thin body is 4 or 5 elements. No elements, but there are 4 state of matter, that is, plasma. (Wikipedia Element (philosophy) 1 In anomalous zones, ball lightning are observed. 95% of the UFO look like ball lightning - plasma (dark loss) (Yutub A.B. Petukhov. Statistics of reports on UFO according to Ufoseti.) 1 yoga consider the highest point of comprehension the opportunity to see the balls of light, that is, plasmoids. Tigle. (Tsa-Lung-Tigle) 1 in cinema, games, cartoons All magic and super technologies (technicality, working only at the observer) are shown not as light, but as a substantial light - plasma. For example, a flying ball from the magic wand. That is, the preparation of the population and its unofficial informing. V. I. Lenin - Of all the arts for us, the most important is the cinema (YouTube all scenes with a spell of Avad Kedagur in the film Harry Potter) 1 99% of matter in the universe - plasma. At the same time, 95% of matter in the universe - dark matter and dark energy, that is, something that has supervised, not only associated with a mass, properties. Obviously, plasma is this very matter. 90% of the Universe unknown - Of course, this is impossible without an observer. 1 Multifier plasma shape on Earth: clouds, dust, fog, smoke, air (as partially ionized) 1 Antigravitational platform Grebenikova. According to engineers, the key in anti-gravity in Grebennikova is the creation of plasma with cellular structures. In itself, the creation of an EM field cannot give antigravity. Grebennikov noted that insects are peculiar not only anti-gravity, but also teleportation 1 Ants attachments have the ability to teleportation. Especially the uterus. In this case, teleportation does not occur in the presence of an external observer. However, at the time of disappearance, plasmoids of blue in diameter were floated from the uterus chamber in diameter. 1 According to the beliefs of the Celts, the light of the Sun is capable of materializing things. The sun is a star, which means plasma. Addressing to it can lead to such a phenomenon. Report for the US Government: Quantum laws operate in macromir 1 Experiments under the project Star Gate to the United States. Quantum laws act in Makromir ("Stargate" and UFOs: the CIA has declassified a 50-year-old archive) 1 Generalization of medieval observations about flying balls in the presence of which items materialized, levitation was observed, etc. The behavior of the balls depended on the observer. 1 People watched quantum laws in the substance always. The sudden disappearance of things that cannot be found rationally-real explanation, and their subsequent appearance, the sudden appearance of people. These events are often accompanied by a mooring, that is, plasma. (YouTube - emotions in magic (audio record 22.05.2017) 1 study of Australian astrophysics. Black holes that can be plasma, gave rise to the first matter after a large explosion (black hole "shot" by plasma on the ground) 1 Theory of relativity. Large objects, including black holes, the star possess strange phenomena. The observer is represented as located in a particular place. But finding in different places is the assessment of the observer itself at its discretion. 1 Ninel Kulagin. Kulagina could generate a plasma (secret of the telekinease Ninel Kulaginina, why KGB studied the ability of the extrasens of Ninel Kulaginina) 1 hides the phenomenon of dust plasma, as it shows the variety of plasma at the real level. Some plasma species give rise to others. Any visual phenomenon - dark lover (plasma). The plasma is any visual nebula, given its informational definition as uncertainty. Plasma are cloud, dust, fog, smoke, transparent air, etc. The dust of the plasma becomes a light plasma. 1 At night, the air is visible as a totality of glowing points - the light plasma. 1 The classification of plasma in the media is limited only to the temperature criterion. The fact is not mentioned that the dust plasma goes into non-impossible. That is, the plasma is a supervised phenomenon. It is clearly visible when the volcanic eruption. 1 Vajra - universal tool of the gods. Nepal is described as a pair with luminous balls - plasma (The Vajra: An Ancient Weapon Of The Gods) 1 Fairi - People who own plasma (YouTube Scariest Things Caught On Dashcam In Real Life 2019 (Mysterious Creatures & Scary Stories On Tape) 1 With nuclear explosions, teleportation effects were observed. USA (YouTube - Must See !! Famous UFO Sighting During An Atomic Explosion Crossroads Baker) 1 propaganda company CBL RF RF russian against ball lightning, Kulagin, the theory of plasma-plasma Tesla - Crox (example of a customized material from CBB RF RAS exist if there is a ball lightning? Or is it myth? - Choice 1 Most of the Archives of Tesla are disappeared, and was published insignificant technical information, but not fundamental to the structure of the Universe (Discovery. Tesla declassified archives) 1 Articles about plasma and ball lightning Some of the most rewritten in Wikipedia dtforceyo5xwxfl7.onion showthread.php? Tid = 243) 1 Potter - the last beastral attempt to fasten the observer in Midgard 1 The decision on the introduction of CF and IR-Filters, in the smartphones, was taken in Boston in 2002 with the "purpose of avoiding incomprehensible objects". Photos of the 19th century and the 20th century were made without such filters. 1 Former Facebook Programmers argue that the social network uses user data processing to remove images of orb (plasmoids). 1 The declassified Documents of the CIA say that the further development of science is impossible, and it is possible to develop technomagia, which is part of magic, that is, without an observer it is impossible. State Structures are not fanatics of any scientific paradigm. However, since each observer builds reality for itself, then there is no point in the development of technogenics. At the end of the report, a recommendation is given to publish this data and release the multi-virgin capable in its options. 1 The equality of mass and energy is not removed by Einstein, but Poincare. 1 In the 20th century, about 300 works on working with a biofield, which eating dark lover (plasma) is written. At the same time, they are all considered biofield as a substance with free geometry of movement, and not as a field whose geometry is very limited. 1 recorded about 560 phenomena, when the laws of energy conservation and mass are clearly violated 1 media specifically distribute slave ideas about the angels and demons, as the only real master of the life of Aria-Naddel - he himself. 1 with dense dreams, that is, when there is an actively perception of the temperature (plasma, astral body), after awakening there are displaced items, which was visible in a dream. Similarly, sudden awakening with the observation of the shadows, etc., that is, the materialization of a weak degree. 1 gods are drawn with plasmoids, balls. For example, Shiva or one. In China, dragon with balls. 1 Sensory projection - training work with a plasma body, after which telekinesis is observed, materialization. 1 SAMA Activation (Plasma) occurs at night more often than during the day, since at night the illumination falls and everything is perceived as a map of the illumination of varying degrees (dark lover). 1 Euphrate Kirlyan fixes not fields of objects, but plasmoids. 1 Since Einstein's theory is already ridiculous, then false scientists with pseudoological knowledge went to another way and began to compose one false theory for another, for example, the "string theory". All experiments of the Andronical collider on a private statement of CERN physicists did not give anything, since the supposedly existing 3000 particles are the fruit of the patient's imagination of scientists. People as used electromagnetism 150 years ago, so use it now. Progress stopped in the 70-80 years of the 20th century. (Large Hadron Collider - Science Science) 1 The facts of supervised phenomena are ignored, which are described by different people at different times, although people inform the same thing. Supporters of Etino Plasma tried to do crazy, although they are recognized as inventors, and have many patents. Similar methods of transition to individuals were used in relation to Helen Duncan in England, Kulagina in the USSR. The method of 60% of the truth is also used for 40% of lies. For example, the remains of large skeletons in three meters are mixed with obviously photocopic 20 meters, and on this basis all photos of large skeletons (giants) are declared fake. All this was done by order of the Massachusetts Technological University. 1 Decode Document CIA: Astral is not myth 1 FOUND-Page-25-OF-THE-CIAS-GATEWAY-REPORT-ON-ASTRAL-PROJECTION 1 PHYSICAL BASIS OF BIOPHOTON EMISSIONAND INTERCELLULAR COMMUNICATION 1 S. V. VLADIMIROV, From Plasma Crystals and Helical Structures Toward Inorganic Living Matter, NEW Journal of Physics, 9, 263 (2007) 1 F. A. Popp, Quantum Phenomena of Biological Systems As Documentated by Biophotonics, In QUOVADIS Quantum Mechanics? 1 E. Lozneanu, M. Sanduloviciu, Self-Organization Scenario Acting AS Physical Basis of IntelligentComplex Systems Created in Laboratory, Chaos Soliton & Fractals, 30, 125 (2006). 1 Plasma Blobs Hint At New Form Of Life 1 Biophotons: Manipulation, Communication, And Effect ON Plasma 1 The dying cell can be returned to the life of coherent light radiation. "Popp proved that weak light comes from all organisms. Intensity of this The glow can be compared with the light of the candle located at a distance of 20 km from the observer (approx. weak as astral light from stars). Such a luminescence force corresponds to the radiation of several photons per second. Such a weak light stream for human eye Unfortunately. Dr. Popp called the reason for this glow - biofotons, particles that emails each live cell. " There is an example of the reproduction of false entities - there is no biofoton. There is just a photon. 1 If the witches were pursued in the 18th century, then in the 20th century in England there is a law on the persecution of magicians, since the magic is allegedly not at all. At his foundation was convicted by Helen Duncan. Materialism is a way to protect a simple (non-faithful, who does not know about his nonlocality) of consciousness from its projections. 1 Cold nuclear synthesis in a man's heart!

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