User agreement

User agreement

This document «User agreement» (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) is an offer of ООО «MKS», hereinafter referred to as the «Administration» to Internet users, hereinafter referred to as the «User» of conclusion of the agreement as follows:

Terms and Definitions

Service means online services enabling User, registered on the Service site, to move, upload, publish, create, post, distribute, transfer, provide to the Site of Service and otherwise use Information in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof, edit user’s profile, create relations, send messages, do searches, and request information, create groups, arrange events, add applications, and transmit information in different ways. Service allows users to exchange data with other users making it possible to restrict other users’ access to Information, and use videochat.

Service Site is an Internet resource located at that is a combination of software programs, facilitating operability of the Service, containing graphics, design, domain names, as well as Information posted by users and other data.

Information (content) is personal data of the User, text, programs, video, music, sounds, photos, graphics, design, messages and other materials, posted by the User on the Service site.

Subject Matter of the Agreement

Administration grants Users access to the Service, including access to the Information posted by other Users in case the latter provide corresponding permission used on the Service Site.

All rights to the site and use of domain names are reserved by the Administration.

Unless otherwise proved by a User such User’s content, posted on the Service site is deemed published without any restrictions for its viewing by the third parties, which reflects User’s agreement to the access to corresponding Content for any user on the Internet, including users who are not registered on the Service site, and thus such content automatically becomes publically available. User understands that his/her Personal data, voluntarily posted on the Service site also becomes publicly available for any person. The Administration reserves the right to use User Content for advertising purposes, for attraction of new users to the Service site, including via posting of such content on other Internet resources.

Access to Information is granted to Users for personal use and review only.

User is aware of and shall consider the fact that software, as well as other information materials such User is granted access to within the Service are the property of exclusive right of the Administration and/or other rightholders, and are protected by the law of intellectual property and other corresponding international and Russian laws.

In order to use the Service User should have a computer and Internet access. This agreement does not cover the following: setting up of equipment and software of the User.

Content of the Service may contain adult information, so the User can only be an individual of 18 years of age or older.

Moving, uploading, publishing, creating, posting, distributing, transferring or providing information to the Service site the User thereby provides the Administration with a free of charge, unlimited, irrevocable, non-exclusive license for use, transfer of right to use to the third parties, reproduction, modification, adaptation, publishing, transfer, creation of derivative works, distribution, revealing, processing and display of such Information (fully or partially) in any ways and places within an unlimited period, including with or without reference to such User’s name, and with the right to any modification of information, images. Besides, the Users shall by themselves evaluate the risks regarding use of information posted by other users.


In order to use the Service Users agree to provide accurate, authentic and complete personal information with regards to the questions offered by the Administration. The Users also agree to processing and other use by the Administration of the data provided by them as a part of personal Information for the purpose of concluding of the present Agreement between the Users and Administration, and further performance of the obligation of the parties hereunder, receiving by the User of messages, ads and for the purpose of further Service improvement.

In order to register on the Service site the Users shall familiarize with the terms and conditions of this agreement and in case of complete acceptance of its conditions perform all actions required for authorization. By registering in the Service the Users thereby unconditionally agree to all terms and conditions herein and shall observe them, or otherwise immediately stop using the Service.

After the registration Users are provided with login and password necessary to access the Service. Any activities performed using User’s login and password shall be considered such User’s activities, and the User cannot pass his/her login and password to the third parties, including permission to use such User’s account by any third party.

Cancellation of User registration

Users agree that the Administration reserves the right to cancel login and password of the User in any service and remove any content due to any reasons, including disuse of access and violation by the User of terms and conditions hereunder, including situations when the User has not visited site or updated content within three months.

The Administration reserves the right to archive and use content of the User to its own discretion, including transfer (full or partial) to other Users either free of charge or for payment after deletion or copying of such content, and the User understands and agrees that in such cases he/she will not be paid remuneration and/or compensation.

Terms of posting and use of information (content)

The User shall upload, send, transfer or otherwise use any Information and make it public through the Service strictly observing applicable laws without violation of any rights of the third parties.

Users have the right to only post such content on the Site that is a result of their creative work, or post content on any other legitimate basis.

The following is forbidden for posting and using on the Service site:

  • content that violates copyrights and related rights, trademark rights, identity rights, rights to trade secrets and other intellectual property belonging to the third parties. It is forbidden to post such items of intellectual property on the Service site that are protected by copyright, unless the User has the right to publish such aforementioned items. Besides cases set forth herein, as well as in accordance with applicable laws of the Russian Federation, no Content can be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, displayed in frame, published, downloaded, transferred, sold or otherwise used fully or in part without prior consent of the rightholder;
  • content that is illegal, malicious, threatening, slanderous, offensive, promoting hatred and/or race, ethnic, gender, religious, or social discrimination, contains offences addressed to certain individuals and/or organizations, discredits honor, virtue and business reputation. It is forbidden to upload, send, transfer or otherwise post content that the User is forbidden to make public according to the laws of the Russian Federation and any contractual relationships, including transfer of materials, fueling national discord, promoting violence on the part of any individual or a group of individuals, and performance of illegal actions, including those, which explain use of explosives and other weapons, violating rights of minors and/or bringing any harm, infringing minority rights, etc.;
  • photos and images of the third parties that are not related to the User without consent of such third parties, as well as photos of minors without consent of their parents, and photos and images of characters of audiovisual and literary works;
  • materials of an advertising, erotic, pornographic, and abusing nature, posting and promotion of child pornography and eroticism, as well as ads of sexual services;
  • home addresses, phone numbers, emails, passport data and other personal information of other users and third parties without their personal consent for it;

User’s activities shall not violate constitutional rights of citizens, other users of the Service, including privacy right, right personal and family secret, honor and good name. More specifically the User shall not collect, systematize, store or distribute by any methods information posted by other users of the Service, and enable any third parties to perform the aforementioned activities by means of such User’s access to the Service.

The User shall check the content to make sure it complies with the applicable legislation and terms and conditions herein prior to its posting.

The User agrees that the Information posted by such User on the Service site can be used by the third parties.

Service terms

The User shall not use the Service for:

  • impersonating other person or a representative of an organization and/or community without corresponding rights to do that, including impersonating Administration personnel, forum moderators, site owners, as well as misrepresentation regarding to certain properties and characteristics of any subjects or objects; in particular, undergoing several registration processes, creation of several profiles under somebody else’s name or pseudonym;
  • uploading, sending, transfer or other methods of posting spam (including search spam), lists of emails of other users, “pyramid” schemes, MLM, e-mail and internet businesses, «chain letters»;
  • uploading, sending, transfer and other methods of posting any materials, containing viruses or other computer codes, files or programs intended for interruption, elimination or limitation of functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment or software, for unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers for commercial products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means for gaining unauthorized access to commercial Internet resources, as well as posting of links to the aforementioned information;
  • assisting actions intended for violation of restrictions and prohibitions applied by this agreement;
  • misrepresentation of information, that can help in determining message sender;
  • creation and posting of hidden pages, images or files that are not available from other pages of the site

Rights and obligations


  • shall update personal information provided during registration on the Service site on a regular basis;
  • shall not reproduce, copy, sell or resell, and use for any commercial purposes any part of the Service, using of services and access to them, unless otherwise stated herein;
  • has the right to use personal data of the third parties, that are available to the User through the use of the Service in accordance with the applicable legislation;
  • shall take any reasonable measures to provide safety of their last names, names, email addresses and passwords;
  • has the right to remove any of the Information posted by such User or profile at any time;
  • in case of revealing on the Service site of the content that does not comply with the conditions of this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as Illegitimate content), the User shall demand from the person posting such content its deletion, or in case of receipt of corresponding demand immediately delete illegitimate content posted by such User;
  • in case of revealing by the User of the content that violates third parties’ rights for intellectual property, the User shall inform organization exercising collective management of copyright and related rights (, in case the violator ignores any demands on deleting such illegitimate content;
  • has the right to apply to the Administration using feedback available from the Service site.

Administration has the right to:

  • suspend or cancel registration and/or deny User’s utilization of the Service (fully or partially) in case the User provided false personal information during registration on the Service site or if the Administration has reasons to believe that such User’s information is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate;
  • deny usage of certain logins;
  • at its own discretion refuse posting or delete any content that is available through the Service;
  • set any restrictions either for all Service Users or for an individual User by sending such User corresponding information message;
  • shut down any of its services at any moment with or without prior notification;
  • post ads and any other information for public distribution on the User’s webpage;
  • transfer any information about the User to the third parties that have provided sufficient (in Administration’s opinion) evidence of violation anybody’s rights by the User, as well as any legislative requirements, or decrees of state bodies;
  • reveal personal data of the User in cases set forth in applicable legislation in the events of breach of third parties’ rights by such User, and in any other cases provided for herein;
  • exercise other rights provided for herein and by applicable laws.

The Administration is not obliged to review Information on the Service site and/or delete it and is not responsible for posting and/or deletion of the content or materials that in somebody’s opinion are unauthentic, offensive, or do not comply with the applicable legislation.

The Administration reserves the right to change design of the Site, its Content, list of services, modify and add scripts used, software and other components, used and stored on the Site, any server applications at any moment with or without prior notification.

The User and Administration have other rights and obligations set forth herein or in Administration’s regulations, as well as in the applicable legislation.

The User shall not impede ads demonstration. The User understands and agrees that the Administration shall not be held liable for the ads content, as well as for possible consequences for the User resulting from posting of ads.

The User agrees to receive newsletters and other mailings from the Administration, including messages sent to the User’s email specified during registration.


The User shall be solely liable to any third parties for his/her activities regarding usage of the Service, including their compliance with the laws and non-violation of rights and interests of the third parties. The User shall solely and at his/her sole expense handle any claims from the third parties with regards to the activities of the Users concerning usage of the Service.

The Administration will take measures for maintenance of functionality and operability of the Service site, but it does not make any warranties regarding fitness of the Service site for any particular purposes, as well as any other responsibility related to the use of the Service site.

The Administration shall under no circumstances be liable to the User and any third parties for any damages (losses), and shall not pay any compensations related to the use or inability to use the Service; the Administration shall not be responsible for:

  • use (either legal or illegal) by the third parties of the Information, posted by the User on the Service site, including its reproduction or distribution either within or beyond the Service;
  • cancellation of its services, availability of resources, links to which are posted on the Service site, their content, as well as any consequences related to the use of content of such resources;
  • any delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, deletion or failure to save any user’s personal information, theft, destruction of or unauthorized access to users’ materials. The Administration is not responsible for any technical failures or other problems with telephone lines or services, computer systems, servers or providers, computer or phone hardware, software, failures of email and scripting services due to technical issues;
  • any content created by the Users.

The Administration cannot guarantee safety of Information transmission via the site. The Users shall assume this risk.

The User is responsible:

  • for safety of his/her login and password, as well as for any activities (or absence thereof) on the Service site carried out from such User’s account with the use of his/her login and password as for his/her own activities;
  • for any damage that was made to the User’s computer and data in the course of using the Service.

Other Terms

Place of conclusion of the Agreement shall be the place of residence of the Administration.

The User is aware of possible fraud on the part of the third parties that forward lots of spoofed messages via email (about charitable contributions, lottery prizes and job offers on behalf of the Administration). None of these messages has anything to do with official offers of the Administration, and we therefore recommend refraining from replying to such messages and/or from submitting personal information.

This Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the Administration and the Users with its subject matter being the rendering of services set forth herein, and regulates use of the Service by the Users.

This Agreement and the relations between the Administration and the Users regarding this Agreement are subject to the applicable law of the Russian Federation.

Links and guidelines for downloading files and/or installation of third party software posted on the Service site do not constitute support or approval of these actions on behalf of the Administration.

Site and its services can from time to time be fully or partly unavailable due to maintenance or other works or causes of technical nature. The Administration has the right to perform maintenance and other technical works from time to time at its own discretion with or without prior notification of the Users.

This agreement becomes effective upon the User’s registration on the site of the Service in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof.

The Administration at any time can change or add conditions of this agreement and for this reason the Users shall review this Agreement on a regular basis. After any amendments and/or addendums hereto further usage of the Service by the User will mean that such User accepts all amendments and/or addendums. If the User does not accept conditions hereunder, he/she shall not use the Service site.

Due to the fact that the services provided hereunder are free of charge regulations concerning consumers’ right regulations do not apply to them.

This agreement does not create any agent relationships, partnership, joint venture relations, employment relations or any other relations between the Administration and the Users that are not set forth herein expressly.

Court recognition of any provision hereof as invalid or unenforceable does not make other provisions of this Agreement invalid or unenforceable.

The User registered on the Service site represents his/her complete acceptance of the conditions of the Agreement, guarantees its proper fulfillment, and confirms that he/she is not younger than 18 years of age. The Agreement shall be deemed concluded upon the registration of the User on the Service site. If any provision hereof is deemed invalid or illegal or cannot become effective according to the applicable legislation, then such provision shall be segregated from the Agreement and replaced by a new provision, with the closest meaning to the original provision hereof and all the rest provisions shall not be modified and shall remain effective.

Russian Federation, OOO “MKS” (PSRN 1102224001340)

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