Hiiiiii my fellows. What's up ? How were your days, how the matters are going? Soooo I do hope that everything is alright and would like to keep writing my post with a pleasure to all of you. It occured to me that I should tell more about my diffuculties exactly at the university. There is the beatiful and astonishing weather, my fav basketball is alredy going outside but what I'm supposed to do ? Yeah, I have to complete some kind of academic work. In the Ukraine we call it like "

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James Bond
At first calm down and drink a glass of water! ...unlike of 185 million people you don't need take water from open pond and try to clean out its. Then open your fridge and eat something, preferably something sweet, sweet - raises mood. Do you not want anything? Do you want to eat something special? ...but 870 million people like you, will be happy to peace of stale bread. And don't slam the door! 1/7 of the world lives on the cost of your budget fridge - one year. Next, you can go to t

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