Hiiiiii my fellows. What's up ? How were your days, how the matters are going? Soooo I do hope that everything is alright and would like to keep writing my post with a pleasure to all of you. It occured to me that I should tell more about my diffuculties exactly at the university. There is the beatiful and astonishing weather, my fav basketball is alredy going outside but what I'm supposed to do ? Yeah, I have to complete some kind of academic work. In the Ukraine we call it like "
Hopeless Girl
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Снова меня не было достаточно долго,у меня тут загруженные недели,всё время забирает универ,домашка,подготовка к тестам и т.д.
Если честно,то я так уже устала. Радует мысль о том,что на этих выходных я наконец-таки еду домой!!
Если честно,то особой темы, чем бы я хотела сегодня поделиться и нет. Есть тема личная,о которой я бы хотела поделиться,но пока не могу собрать все свои мысли в одну кучу и выразить это всё.
Сегодня я попробую описать мои мысли по по
Mariya Generalova
I want to share my problems and ask your advice.
Unfortunately, I still can't decide where I get into. I want to get into the economics deportament, but don't know where. I want to hear comments on this. What do you think university better? Where do you study? What do you think about the profession of economist?
I think that this problem worry not only me. I interested in your opinion.

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