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2. Associated intellectual property rights

2.1 performing right

Performer holds:1) exclusive performing right;2) right of authorship3) right to a name4) right of performance integrity
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2.2 right to audio records

Audio record producer holds:1) exclusive right to audio record;2) right to specify author's name or brand on the instances of audio record and/or their packages;3) right to protection of audio record against any distortions;4) right of audio record disclosure
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2.3 right of on-air and cable broadcasting organizations

On-air or cable broadcasting organization has the right to use legally performed broadcasting of the programs on-air or by cable according to article 1229 CC RF in any way that does not violate laws (exclusive right of radio and TV broadcasting.
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2.4 right of database vendor

Vendor of databases, development of which (including processing or provision of corresponding data) requires financial, tangible, organizational or other costs, is entitled to use any data from database and use such data later on in any form and manner (exclusive right of database vendor).
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2.5 publisher right to scientific, literary and artistic works

Publisher holds:1) exclusive publisher right to work published by such publisher 2) right to specify such publisher's name on copies of works published by such publisher and in other instances of use of such works including translation and other modifications
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