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4. Human and civil rights and liberties

4.1 Personal data

Any personal information relating to any individual (subject of personal data), including such individual's last name, name, patronymic name, year, month, date and place of birth, address, marital, social, property status, education, occupation, incomes, and other information
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4.2 Images of citizens

Publication and further use of images of citizens (including such citizen's photos, video records or works of visual arts, depicting such citizen) is allowed upon consent of such citizen only.
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4.3 Abuse / Defamation

Denigration of honor and dignity of other person, expressed in indecent manner / dissemination of knowingly false information, discrediting honor and dignity of other person or assaulting reputation of such person.
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4.4 Honor, dignity, business reputation

Every one has the right to defend their honor and good name.
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4.5 Privacy

Everyone has the right to privacy, to personal and family secrets. Collection, storage, use and dissemination of information on personal life of an individual without such individual's consent is forbidden.
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