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3. Rights to means of individualization of legal entities, commodities, works, services and businesses

3.1 Brand name

Legal entities are prohibited to use names, identical to that of a name of other legal entity or similar to such entity's name so that it can be confusing, if the said legal entities perform similar activities and brand name of the second legal entity was recorded to the uniform state register of legal entities earlier than the name of the first legal entity.
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3.2 Trade marks

No one is entitled without consent of right holder to use trade marks similar to the trade marks of such right holder for identification of such commodities, trade mark of which is registered for their individualization, or similar commodities, if the use of such trade marks or identifications may result in confusion.
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3.3 Name of place of origin of commodities

It is prohibited to use name of registered place of origin of commodities by bodies that do not have corresponding certificate even if authentic place of origin of commodities is specified or such name is used in translation or in combination with such words as "type", "kind", "imitation" etc., as well as the use of similar identification for any commodities, if such identification may confuse customers in regards to place of origin or specific properties of commodities (illegal use of name of place of origin of commodities).
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3.4 Trade name

It is prohibited to use trade name that may be confusing in regards to ownership of an enterprise by a certain body, particularly names identical to the extent of confusion with brand name, trade mark or trade name belonging to other body that has been granted such exclusive right earlier.
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