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1. Copyright

1.1 exclusive right to work

an individual or a legal entity holding exclusive right to work that is a product of intellectual activity or the right to the means of individualization (right holder) has the right to use such product or such means to his/her own discretion in any legal way. Right holder can dispose of exclusive right to the product of intellectual activity and to the means of individualization (article 1233 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (hereinafter - CC RF)), unless otherwise stated in the Code.
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1.2 right of authorship and right to a name

Right of authorship is the right to be recognized as an author of a certain work and author's right to a name is the right to use or give a permission to use a piece of work under one's own name, under a pen-name or without any name, that is anonymously. These rights are inalienable and imprescriptible, including when transfered or assigned to other person or in cases of transfer or assignment of the exclusive right to work or to the use of such to other person. Waiver of these rights is void.
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1.3 right of integrity

It is forbidden to make changes, abridgments or additions, adding illustrations, prologue, epilogue, comments and any explanations (right of integrity) to work without author's consent.
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1.4 right of disclosure

Author has the right to disclose his/her work, that is the right to perform an action or give a permission for performance of such actions that will make such author's work available to the public for the first time through publishing, public exhibition, public performance, broadcasting on air or by cable, or by any other means.
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1.5 other rights of authors

- right to remuneration for the use of works for hire,- right of withdrawal, resale royalty right, - right of access to works of visual arts.
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