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We appreciate that you have decided to draw our attention to the event or act that violates effective legislation or is off the wall. In order for our response to be more precise and quick, you are kindly asked to specify subject of your report:
1. Copyright
Intellectual rights to scientific, literary and artistic works are copyright.
2. Associated intellectual property rights
Intellectual rights to the results of performances, audio records, broadcasting on air or by cable of radio and TV programs (broadcasting by on-air or cable broadcasting organization), content of databases, as well as to scientific, literary and artistic works made public for the first time after they have become public domain, are associated intellectual property rights (associated rights).
3. Rights to means of individualization of legal entities, commodities, works, services and businesses
1) Brand name2) Trade marks3) Name of place of origin of commodities4) Trade name
4. Human and civil rights and liberties
2.1. Use of personal data2.2. Images of citizens2.3. Abuse, defamation 2.4. Honor, dignity and business reputation 2.5. Privacy
5. Public and state interests
3.1. Official secret3.2. National symbol3.3. Good morals 3.4. Propaganda, agitation, fueling of social, racial, national and religious hatred and hostility, extremism.
6. Advertisement
Advertisement is information distributed in any manner and form and by any means, addressed to indefinite audience and intended for drawing of attention to the advertised object, creating or maintaining of interest to it and its market promotion;Advertised object is a commodity, means of individualization of legal entity and/or commodity, manufacturer or seller of commodity, products of intellectual activity or event (including sports competitions, concerts, competitions, festivals, risk-based games, bets) advertisement is intended to draw attention to;Posting of ads on the site of Administration is only allowed upon the consent of Administration.

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